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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trailsend, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. trailsend

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    I will be making some Brats.  The recipe calls to run it through a food processor for emulsification.  The last time I did this I just ground it through the finest grinder plate I had.  It worked ok. However, I am looking to get a food processor.  I was wondering if they were all created equal or if there was some that handled meat better than others.   Or am I just wasting my time and this really isn't necessary.  Thanks.
  2. eman

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    Kitchen ninja from wal mart will turn it to mush. Wife bought one to replace burned up processor. still had to go buy a new processor as the ninja just takes everything down to fine
  3. daveomak

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    Not knowing what your personal likes are, I have tried double and triple grinding for sausages... The "hot dog" grind, to me, just seems wrong on homemade sausages... I like a little texture, chew so to speak, on my sausages... I will do a fine, med and coarse plate grind on the meat so there is some sensory, texture awareness when eating them... The flavor is the same... Hog casing give them the "SNAP" that is missing in some sausages...
    Try varying the grind portions to suit your palate... 1/4 of the meat fine plate, 1/2 meat medium plate and 1/4 meat coarse plate... if that's something you might want to look at... or if you have 2 plates, double grind one plate to make the texture finer.... add seasonings and cure and mix very well and stuff before the meat sets up...

  4. mdboatbum

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    No real opinion n ground vs emulsified meat. Both have their place. Food processors on the other hand, are NOT all created equal. I've had inexpensive ones that sort of made an attempt at what they were supposed to do, but then I got the Cuisinart. It's just head and shoulders above everything I've ever used, and honestly on a par with the $3000 professional Robot Coup machines in restaurants. I have the DLC 10s Classic. It's 7 cups, has more torque than most compact cars and would probably grind a compact car to a fine powder. And with minimal care will probably be here long after I'm gone. Spend the extra 30-40 bucks over the budget brand and go for the Cuisinart. It's more than worth it. And by the way it will easily emulsify meat.
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  5. I got confused by the last sentence above eman Could you clarify that for me?
  6. I just use a meat grinder for meat. I don't want to turn it to paste.

    Happy smoken.

  7. trailsend

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    I have only done the brats once.  I like the texture of the ground meat, thought maybe I was missing something with not running it through the processor.  I also thought it might aid in mixing everything together.  So far I have always done in by hand.  Not a big deal as I usually just do small batch stuff, 10lbs at a time.
  8. eman

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  9. Got it!
  10. stanjk

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    X2 what Mdboatbum said. If you have other uses for a processor this would be the way to go.
  11. goliath

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    i got the big 12 cup Cuisinart .... can turn anything into paste. also very handy for alot of other kitchen duties. bought the big one cause i read alot of reviews and went for the big motor !!!!
    makes unbelievable peanut butter too ...  LOL
    easy clean up ..
    get whatt ya can afford ... important to have the POWER so it doesnt get too warm when emulsifying. originally bought it to make european wieners !!!


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