Food lion Baby Backs on sale Friday and Saturday 1.99 lb

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  1. In the past I have posted good sale prices on pork at Food Lion.  Like the 1.29  Boston butts.

    Baby Backs are on sale for 2 day only for 1.99 per lb. Friday and Saturday.

    I checked a few zip code locations and basically if you have a Food lion near you check on the sale. It's on the first page of the circular. I checked south to Myrtle  beach, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. They all had the same sale. If you have one check it out. Jted
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  2. brickguy221

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    WOW! ... That's a really great price. No Food Lions in OK. They tried it for s few short years here several years ago and for what ever reason, the Food Lion Stores just never seemed to appeal to people here, so they closed all of their stores and left the state.

    GOOD Baby Back Ribs here are around $3.89 per lb. although some stores have not so good ones for that price also. Lately some stores here have had them for $2.69 - $ 2.99 per lb, but the quality isn't the same as the $3.89 per lb ones. Some of the cheaper ones are loaded with fat like full slab ribs are while others are skimpy and not a whole lot of meat on the bones. (Huge bones and very litle meat) The best ones locally here in the OKC area are at Sams. They are real heavy on meat with very-very little fat. Other than removing the membrane, they require very little, if any trimming while the cheaper ones require a lot of trimming.
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  3. phatbac

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    Thanks for that! i live in NC (used to live in SW VA) and i need something good to cook for this weekend with my uncle coming up from CA.

    I was thinking brisket but with price of beef and the price of those ribs i think that we will be eating ribs this weekend!

    Happy Smoking!

  4. daricksta

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    Looks like at least for this week I'm losing money living here on the West Coast!
  5. brickguy221

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    Go buy some Tri-Tips ... They are over $3 per lb cheaper in CA than OK ...  [​IMG]
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  6. daricksta

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    Ooooh, I love tri-tips! I smoked only one so far in my MES over mesquite pellets and it turned out quite well. But tri-tips are easy either in the smoker or on the grill. I want to nail pork ribs and then I can move on with my life.
  7. Not really, but you might have to eat a Tri Tip or something else..

    We don't even get a chance to buy a tri tip. The closest is a Sirloin roast.  Jted
  8. sky1926

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    Seems like a good deal to break in the new grill/smoker this weekend
  9. daricksta

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    Sirloin roasts are good: sirloin tip and otherwise. Actually, I'm grilling bone-in ribeye steaks this weekend.
  10. phatbac

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    I have found some tri-tip in VA. Actually at Walmart had them on clearance I guess no one knew what they were so no one bought them...i bought like 6 or 7 and had trip tip for a month. (smoked of course!)

  11. I must recount my previous statement. I never would have found them. I have not been to a Wall mart in 6 or 7 years. It's just a zoo or a circus  without a ring master.

  12. I got mine. Limit 2 per person. Oh well I don't need to be a glut ant. They had Swift and I got the last 2 Smith-field farms. The Smith field ones don't have nearly as much salt and other additives in them.  They also had a in store coupon for .75 cents  off of any 10.00 dollar purchase of ribs.  I felt like I did something.

    Excel when you can find them are also low in salt. I guess I am showing my age  again since most old folks need to look after there salt intake.   Jted
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  13. phatbac

    phatbac Master of the Pit

    I am going to get mine after work at 5pm. I am gonna try to ring up two separate order so i can get four. 

  14. To get more than two at the sale price you will need another Food lion card.  Borrow one  before you leave work.
  15. mummel

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    No Food Lions in Mass either.  Nooooo. 
  16. brickguy221

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    Speaking of Smith-Field-Farms, they have had some ribs, boston butt pork roasts and pork loins that  have begun showing up in a couple of local grocery stores here in OKC, but no Tri-Tips. I tried their baby back ribs once and won't try a second time. The baby backs were overly heavy with fat. They had as much fat or more than full size slab ribs and required a lot of trimming before smoking. The leanest ribs locally are the ones at Sam's Club which are loaded with meat and require almost no trimming. Remove the membrane and that is it. The next leanest are Hormel brand. They require some trimming but not a lot and nothing like the Smith-Field ones do. They are somewaht lean, but still don't have as much meat on them as the ones that Sam's sells.
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  17. phatbac

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    I got two food lion cards and ended up buying four racks. they averaged $7 a rack( great price!). Here is some Qview!

    Great deal on the meat and great taste in the Q! They fed two extended families

    thanks for looking!

    Happy Smoking,

  18. That's one nice looking meal. I am sure they were a big hit. Thanks for the Q view.  Oh I forgot to ask. How large is your kettle grill?  Jted
  19.  Every one looks for something different  in there B/B ribs or should I say there priorities may differ. As I said before I look at added salt and other added chemicals. I am not real concerned with the fat content of the ribs. With the Smithfield ribs and Excel they only have 95 grams of salt per 4 oz where as the Swift Premium and Tender sweet ribs have about 450 grams per 4 ozs. Given that includes the bone weight that's lots of additives.

    With that said there was a time in my life that my only concern was price. I was not overly concerned about my health.

    I prefer regular spares to Baby Backs it's just my opinion that they have better flavor. This may be because they have more fat or that they have some belly meat on them. .

    You not will see Beef products from Smith field except in there hot dogs or perhaps there sausage type  links. They are Hog producer and hog meat distributors.  Jted
  20. boykjo

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    I didnt miss out... Have two cards so I picked up 4 racks on friday. Went to foodlion on sat evening knowing they were going to be all out and yes they were out.... Got me a raincheck for two more....... There another way around a limit of two. When at check out enter you friends phone numbers and use their mvp's. Most of my friends never buy stuff like ribs and butts...

    I also score on boston butts at piggly wiggly this week at 1.09 lb.... picked up 100 10 butts. Sale ends today

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