FM's Smokin' Smoked Turkey Recipe

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  1. Hope you enjoy and remember, why is it that most people only eat Turkey once to twice a year???? Cause whoever made it wasn't good at it. LOL

    Here's my story. I wanted to do a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving but it was at the last minute, so I went to the store and they had fresh cut up turkey parts. I made as per my instructions below, and let me tell you, my guests and family, never knew turkey could be so moist and flavorful. Nor did I. Everyone said this was the best turkey they ever had, the flavor was great. The breast was amazing, the legs were theme park quality. The flavor was deep in the meat. We all agreed, we may never go back to cooking a whole bird again. I am doing again for Christmas day and this time I will try and remember to do Q-view.

    Oh and if doing a whole turkey, I estimated the brine time.

    FM’s Smokin’ Smoked Turkey

    FM’s Poultry Brine

    1 Gallon Water
    1 C Kosher Salt
    2/3 C sugar
    1 T Garlic Powder
    1 T Onion Powder
    2 t Gr. Black Pepper
    1 T paprika
    2 t chili powder
    4 bay leaves

    Bring to boil for 5 minutes. Cool to room temperature or less before adding to meat.

    If brining a whole turkey, I’d brine for 8-12 hours. For the turkey pieces brine for 3 hours.
    After brine, rinse off turkey, pat dry, and apply rub when within 1 hour of smoking or less.

    Heat up smoker using soaked apple & hickory chips & chunks. Soaked at least 1 hour. Also used 2 charcoal briquettes, since I’m using an MES and seems to get my meats pinker. Smoked at 260 degrees.

    FM’s poultry Rub

    1 T Kosher Salt
    2 t gr black pepper
    2 t garlic powder
    1 T paprika
    2 t Onion powder
    2 t Poultry seasoning


    Apple Juice spritz

    Fill water pan with 3 C water (if using)

    After 1 hr 45 minutes, spritz with apple juice, and every 45 minutes after wards.

    When probed meat reaches 150-155 degrees, wrap tight in foil with a few spritz inside, place back in smoker until temp hits 170 degrees. No more smoke needed once foiled. Let rest 10 minutes and serve. Or turn smoker off and let sit in there if meat is done too early for dinner or reduce smoker temp to final temp and hold. I did legs, thighs, and split bone-in turkey breasts. If you just probe the breast and take to 150 or so, then foil, the other parts will be fine. If probed the thighs may be 10 degrees warmer, don’t worry, just concentrate on the breasts the other parts will be perfect. Approximate cooking time was 3.25 to 4 hours. Enjoy & Happy Holidays!!!
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    Thanks Cowboy. Bookmarked this one. Add it to my to-do list of items to try.
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    Thanks FM. I saved this one in the files.

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