Flowers in East Texas

Discussion in 'Flowers' started by gary s, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Here are some of her flowers

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  2. Hello Gary.  The ladies do love their flowers.  Myself, I wouldn't put out the effort.  NOW, if I can eat it, then I'm all for the effort.  Please tell your lovely wife I do think they are pretty to look at and she has done a fine job with them.  My wife usually just kills them before they are even transplanted.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Thanks Danny, she has always been good at landscaping and flowers, about 90% of what was in the pictures were starts and transplants given to her by neighbors and friends.

  4. GaryHibbert

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    Great looking yard Gary.  Unlike my good friend Danny, I love flowers.  Pls tell your wife "great job"

  5. Thanks Gary, not as pretty right now been way to hot, and I just haven't felt like keeping it up like I use to.


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