Florida pastrami came out beautifully

Discussion in 'Beef' started by micmike, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. micmike

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  2. justpassingthru

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    It looks good, do you have any sammie pics, I like to see all the different ways people prepare them, ...I learned something yesterday, instead of mayo and mustard we tried Ranch dressing, we really liked it.

  3. boykjo

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    nice color......[​IMG]
  4. smokinal

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    What was the IT when you pulled it off. That's the thickest corned beef I've ever seen. The timeline just doesn't seem right to me.
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  5. micmike

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    Al, it went on at noon and off at 5p.

    Temps ran at 210-230, and internal was 170 when I took it off.

    Got a nice bark on it  too.
  6. Looks really good. Was it tender even with those thick slices?
  7. micmike

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    We thinned 'em out with the serrated blade. I wish I had a slicer!


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