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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by camp_cookie, Dec 13, 2007.

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    I'll be in Decatur, AL, on Friday night and in Florence on Saturday. I know that Big Bob Gibson's is in Decatur with two locations and that is considered one of the big names in que. Is one location better than the other? Funny thing is that the name has big recognition, but most reviews that I read on the various forums seem to pan the place.

    Are there any joints in the area that I should try to hit?

    I'll be taking I-20 into Birmingham and then north on I-65; so, anything along that route is fair game as well.
  2. as you go threw b'ham stop at dreamland bbq as for big bob both are great
  3. I've eaten at the Dreamland in B'ham and was really disappointed. Maybe I caught 'em on a bad day or something.
    The original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa is a different story...mmmmmm..good!!
  4. placebo

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    You must try this place: http://www.10best.com/Madison,AL/Res...l?tab=overview

    It's on HWY 20/72 just as you come into Huntsville. Family run, been there forever, and all the food is cooked on site. If you do make it by there, which you should because you'll pass right by it on your way to B-ham, please come back here and let me know what you think.

    Thomas Pit BBQ one of the best hole-in-the-wall joints around!
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    I won't be passing through Huntsville. I'm coming from Georgia on I-20 into B'Ham and then taking I-65 north to Decatur. The next morning I will be taking 72 into Florence. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Sorry, guess my dyslexia is acting up again. Well its maybe 30 minutes from decatur if you want to try it out. FWIW I would'nt hesitate to go out of my way a bit for their Q. It's well worth it!
  7. oillogger

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    I'll be in Huntsville next week. Since the 60's I have enjoyed eating at the Bob Gibson's right there on the main drag in Decatur. You will have to walk pass all those big 1st place BBQ trophies to get to the tables. That is a task I do not mine at all. Pick up a few bottles of their white sauce while your there. It is great to dip smoked chicken in.
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    I ended up getting away from home earlier than expected and went through Birmingham too early to stop at Dreamland. I ate lunch at the Danville Road Big Bob Gibson's location and had a ribs and pork combo plate. I very much liked the ribs, but I didn't much care for the pork. It had an odd mushy yet dry texture, and it didn't have any smoke flavor either.

    I ended up going back there for supper tonight with a group of people. I ordered a large rib plate this time and the ribs were even better this time around.

    I picked up a bottle of red sauce for me and a bottle of white sauce for my folks.

    Maybe I'll be able to stop at Dreamland or Jim N Nicks on the way back through tomorrow night.
  9. oillogger

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    I just ate their last Friday, December 21st. Sorry but the meat did not have any smoked flavor at all (pork and Beef) and their red table sauce was terrible at best. Now the potato salad, the coleslaw, and the onion rings were real good. I also tried their white sauce and it was OK but not as good as Bob Gibson's. I did not try the ribs or the chicken which I suspect would be better. Thomas Pit did have a crowd and at 11:30AM there was already a 20 minute wait but the taste was just not there. My parents live real close to Research Parkway and about 4-5 miles from Thomas Pit. I am afraid I ate at Thomas Pit twice in the same visit (first & last). It just was not that good of BBQ.
  10. Thought I'd resurrect this thread for any updates since 2007...

    We're taking a road trip in a couple weeks and one of the legs will take us north through Alabama.  We have the option of going through Huntsville or Decatur.  You can bet I'll be timing the drive to hit either town at lunch time, so I'm looking for suggestions, one way or the other.  I know of Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, and I think Dreamland has a store in Huntsville, but aside from those I'm in the dark.  Suggestions?

    Thanks, all.

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