Flank for Tacos on Indirect Heat in a Weber Kettle

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by terryd, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. terryd

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    I think we are doing taco salad tonight and for a change were going to use flank steak rather than ground beef. I'm wanting to cook it indirect and was just wondering what you all thought about seasoning it? I'm thinking either the old standby, sea salt and pepper, or rubbing it with a little taco seasoning. Also might add a hunk or two of mesquite for that light spicy smoke flavor. Thoughts?
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    Since your making taco salad, I think I'd go with the taco seasoning.

  3. terryd

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    Try to get pictures up tomorrow. It was a rough go all around. I know better than to use used charcoal after its weathered that long but I'm a cheap bastage and paid that price. Used salt and pepper on the steaks, which turned out to be sirloin because they didn't have anything but that and ribeye. I forgot the lime spritz until the last 10 min of the cook too. Anyways, it tasted ok and we ate it which is what counts. Maybe next time I'll plan it a little better and it will turn out a little better.
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