Flame color on Landmann GOSM 3405GLA ?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by wahoowad, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. wahoowad

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    Today I'm cleaning out the cobwebs from my Landmann 2-drawer 3405GLA propane smoker and getting ready for first smoke of Spring (brisket). I'm letting it come up to temp to just clean out the spiders and such and noticing the flame coming out of my cast iron burner is only blue in the bottom half and yellow at the top half. Is this normal? I forget.

    I already disassembled the whole darn flame box, removed the burner and cleaned out the tube. It just mostly had some rust but I cleaned it out good and with a round brush and blew out any debris with an air compressor. Looks good and went back together fine so am not worried about a spider or bug debris clogging up anything.

    Is this acceptable?

    On a related note, in case you can help, my ignitor stopped working after reassembly. I dropped the bottom burn pan so it wasn't connected electrically to the unit and it works. It just doesn't work when grounded again. The little crome plate where you put the holddown screw through is going to touch metal, and thus be grounded. I don't understand why it isn't working.

    Thanks for any advice
  2. Low fuel levels in your tank can cause the flame to be yellow.  Could be as simple as that, hope this helps.
  3. wahoowad

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    Full tank. Flame volume seems correct, and on high it quickly brings the smoker up to 400+ if I just let it run.
  4. It may just need to burn its self clean. Maybe air needs adj. CF
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    If the igniter doesn't work, the ceramic insulator may be cracked and the spark is grounding through the crack....  The tip of the wire should be next to the gas hole in the burner....  if it is in the gas stream, they won't spark....   don't know why it's just what I have found...

    The yellow flame means not enough air entering the venture...   If it has an adjustment plate, open it up a bit...    adjust the air inlet, where you set the flame for most of your cooking...
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  6. wahoowad

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    Hmmm. Adjustment plate is wide open, with the screens clear of debris and looking in good shape.

    The burner is in a bottom basket that has plenty of free air flow so there is no obstruction or need to open anything else up.
  7. wahoowad

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    A year later and I still have a yellow flame. Bottom has plenty of fresh air. I again ensured no spiderwebs in inlet and made sure burner was unobstructed (took it all apart to do so). Just put some ribs on but feel I don't have the unit burning correctly...:confused:

  8. daveomak

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    Does the pressure regulator have an adjustment ???    Turn up the pressure...    turn the knob or screw clockwise.. 

    What is the upper temp you can get on the unit ??? 

    What is the lower temp you can run it at ??
  9. wahoowad

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    Don't know the max but am able to hit my target temps of 225 to 275 at less than full flow.

    Reg is not adjustable. Tank is 75% full.

    What should it look like? Just blue?
  10. daveomak

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  11. wahoowad

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    So what do you "adjust" on my model unit to correct this? I don't have an adjustable regulator.
  12. wahoowad

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    Still having this issue with 50% of my flame being yellow. Today I discovered I could make it almost all blue by moving the manifold a little backwards out of the burner tune. Not out of it, just rearward maybe 1/8" or so. And it gets worse (almost all yellow) when I push it into the tube a little more. When I let it go and it returns to where it sits with no forces exerted it returns to having about 50% yellow flame. This is somewhat helpful as it confirms it isn't the hose or regulator that needs to be replaced.

    I don't see any kind of adjustment or way to fiddle with it. Any suggestions?

  13. daveomak

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    Something looks broken...
  14. wahoowad

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    What looks broken? Still struggling with this today. I have a chuck roast I just put in and have about 50% of the flame code yellow. It looks in between the "Yellow Flames" and "Tellow Tips on Outer Cones" image posted above.
  15. It looks like in your picture that you have your air shutter on the main burner all the way closed restricting the airflow to the burner. The aluminum body can turn 1/4 turn in either direction. I've included a picture of mine as well. Hopefully this helps.

    - Bob

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  16. wahoowad

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    It just looks that way - trust me, I have adjusted it a ton of times after also making sure the tube isn't clogged with spider web or anything. I have used a long screw driver to loosen the screw, turn the vent to achieve optimum blue flame, then tighten it down.

    I also tried replacement hoses/regulators, replacement burner/pan assy from Landmann (great support by the way).

    Today I am switching to a King Kooker low pressure burner and a Gaspro 0-5 psi adjustable regulator/hose (both can be had from Amazon) and can already tell it is producing a much better flame. I need to get it mounted to the GOSM and ensure it can run steady at 225 temp given it is a larger burner. I played with it a bit and think it will do fine on low.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. wahoowad

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    How's that for a burner flame?

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