Fixing to process couple Hogs in next week gathering ideas & help

Discussion in 'Curing' started by bluefan65, Feb 10, 2016.

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    New to the forum, I am planning on processing a couple of 280 lb show hogs that kids have shown, in the next week or so.  I am trying to figure what to do with the hams and possibly bacon. 

    I was thinking of sugar curing the hams, but afraid weather might be warming up (in the 50's daytime next week) and wasn't sure if time may not be on my side before temps rise.

    Been considering smoking hams and vacuum sealing finished product.

    Any help or ideas on preserving these pigs would be appreciated.

    I plan on doing boneless loin chops, ribs, shoulder into sausage.

  2. What were they fed and how old are they? What breed? Sex? Where are you located?
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    The hams will be approaching 30#....  pretty big....   I think I read somewhere that 22#'s or so was about max. for curing a ham....    Now you can inject the meat and maybe have success....  or you can cut it up and bone it and cure the individual hunks of meat and have success...  anything you do, you will need adequate refrigeration...  you have some concerns about the weather warming...  The pigs MUST be calm prior to slaughter so internal heat will not be built up....  some spray with cold water to keep the meat cool... if the pigs like it...

    Some say to freeze the meat for 30 days below zero, and eliminate the possibility of trichinosis....

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