Five chicken smoke- my second smoke

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by basstronics, Mar 18, 2012.

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    This is the second time Ive smoked meat.

    I have the Masterbuilt Electronic Smoker 40"

    I smoked 5 full chicken in this bad boy- I could of fit three more comfortably!

    Being new Im learning. One thing I have quickly learned is with some expert advice from the forum (directly and by reading) and the awesome piece of smoking equipment, the MES 40, I can make delicious food with the utmost ease.

    For the brine I did a mixture.

    8 cups water

    1/2 cup kosher sale

    1/2 cup sugar

    3 Tbs brown sugar

    3/4 Tsp cajun spice

    3/4 Tsp garlic powder

    3/4 Tsp celery seed

    and a few shakes of cayenne

    I ended up needing to make like 6 of these in total. To brine these babies it took up a ton of real estate. So into a washed (very well) storage container and into the bath tub. I then filled the bath tub to the water line in the container with cold water. They sat in brine this way for about 4-5 hrs.


    Look 5 naked chicks in a tub! LOL cant resist that one!

    After the brine I gave them a rinse. Didnt know if I was supposed to or not- but I did. After rinsing I rubbed them down with Mayo. THen I had some off the shelf chicken rub. Being new and pinched for time it was my best bet.

    Next into the smoker.


    Only after a few minutes. That big honking one is a Tyson water soaked in bag chicken. My Dad wanted one and thats the meat he brought. I had him remove it from the bag and put it in his fridge to sort of drain out the night before.

    I used a base wood of Jack Daniels oak chips 80%, apple 10%, mesquite 5% and cherry 5%. Seemed to be a good mix.

    The finished product- or as I call it "The last man standing"


    That is the extra I did for some others that didnt end up showing up last night. Oh to bad so sad- now its my lunch today ;)

    All I can say is... Wow. When the birds came in the house I was sort of made fun of about my new found passion for smoking meat. Then it turned to "Hey those smell good".  The best part is the first bite "Oh my God this is amazing". After that you didnt hear a peep until the chicken on the plate was gone.

    Mission accomplished. I made 6 believers last night. I may have even sold a MES 40 in the process. LoL
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  2. austinl

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    I quickly turned to whole chickens when I started smoking.  These birds look great!  Try pulling some of the meat apart into small strips and serving it cold on a spinach salad.
  3. basstronics

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    Yes for a $1.49/Lb its a good price! The 4 chicks I bought cost $20 and they came fresh out of the butchers cooler. No vaccum bagged water logged chicks here.

    My Dad really enjoyed his Tyson chicken though. I tried it and tasted the same as the others...

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