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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by plastermaster, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Well i got my new grill/smoker on friday night and was able to play around with it for a couple meals. I did some steaks friday night and a rib roast last night and today im gonna try my first turkey. I chose a 26lb, probably not the best idea for a beginner but its already started. Next time i think ill have to read some more posts before going to the store to buy random cuts of meat. Anyway my plan NOW is to cook it kinda fast 325-375 and try to stay out of the danger zone. A few hickory chunks now and then. It seems to hold pretty well at 325 for now. I shouldve experimented a little more with temp control probably before throwing a big bird on it but im impatient and its hard to waste a good fire. I didnt brine it either.
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    I smoke all my poultry at higher temps, 325-350. 26 pounds if pretty big. I would've spatched the bird before putting it on the smoker. Spatchcocking allows the bird to lay flat and cook evenly. At 325-350 your bed should be past the 140 in 4.
  3. I am sort of in the same predicament

    My wife got a 22Lb bird

    It is defrosting in the fridge now

    I am planing on putting it in Brine for 12-24hr

    I was going to smoke it on the Vision Kamado but now I think I am going to use my Smoking It electric smoker

    Never smoked a turkey before
  4. Yeah, i got mine frozen . 26lb for around $15 cant beat that. I was talking to a friend yesterday, he said he was spatchcocking his. To be honest ive never done that before, i need to look it up and practice. Good luck on your turkey @thetiler you would think these vets would get tired of teaching us rookies
  5. Here it is so far. Looks good. Havent taken the temp yet. Been struggling to keep the temp up. Intake is all the way open.
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    Can I ask a question too?I can't figure out how to post new string. Can I boil a whole turkey before I smoke it? Trying to reduce cooking time on a 18.2 pound bird.
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    Looking good PlasterMaster! b
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    At the page where it shows all the threads near the top of them where it has the page numbers, to the left of that it says start a new thread and that's what you'll select. As for boiling a turkey I have no idea.

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