First Turkey on my New Rec Tec Grill

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers Group' started by dodger9, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. I have been grilling turkeys for over 30 years on a Weber Charcoal grill. This is my first attempt using my new Rec Tec grill. My wife and guests all raved about it. It was a lot easier than having to mind the weber, especially since it rained off and on during the 5 hours I cooked the 18lb stuffed bird!

  2. bear55

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    You will love your new Rec Tec, I've had mine for a year or so and it is great.  Nicely done with the turkey.
  3. wolfman1955

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    Great looking Bird!! What temp. did you cook it at?
    Keep Smokin!!!
  4. I smoked it for 1 hour at 225 then 4 hours @325.  I basted the bird every 30 minutes after the first 2 hours.
  5. wolfman1955

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    Thanks for the info!
    Keep Smokin!!!
  6. seenred

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    Mmm...that bird looks great!  And congrats on that new Rec Tec!

    Enjoy!  [​IMG]

  7. chef willie

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    Congrats on the great smoke in the Rec-Tec......willie
  8. Dodger

    I too am a Rec Tec owner and love it!  I am about to cook my first turkey on Saturday, and I am am torn on what temperature to cook it at.  Jeff recommends smoking it at 240°, but others have said to do it at 325°.  Being a Rec Tec owner yourself, you know that when you smoke at higher temperatures on the Rec Tec you don't get the smoke that you get at 230°.  BTW...230 is my go to smoking temp, and I have to change that.  My turkey is 22lbs, so the cook time will be pretty long.  What are your thoughts on the cook temp, and how satisfied were you with the bird at 325°?  Do you wish you would have left it at 225?

  9. I smoked mine at 225 for about an hour to get some good smoke on the bird and then raised it to 325 for the remainder of the cooking time.  I also basted the bird every half hour after the second hour. I was really pleased with the results.  I hope this helps and that your turkey will be great.  I am going to smoke a turkey breast for part of the family Thanksgiving meal.  I did that last year and it really made for great sandwiches.
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    If It were me and granted that evryone has an opinion kind of like everyone has a bahookey. Keeping in mind the size of your bird I would smoke at 225 for 1.5 to 2 HRS. Then raise the temp to 325 baisting every 30 mins till it's done. 
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