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  1. I've smoked ribs before, and had a couple failed attempts at brisket. So I thought I'd try something easier...
    Started 2 days ago. Rub made with Brown Sugar, Chili Pepper,Salt, Smoked Paprika, Cumin, and ground Thyme.
    Took some advice from these forums and applied a mustard coat to keep the rub on. I went through about 2 cups of the stuff for 2 8 lb picnic roasts.
    Wrapped in plastic, and in the fridge. Got a 15 lb bag of applewood chunks, and I already had mesquite lump charcoal.
    Got up @ 4:30 this morning. Started the smoker, and now I'm 4 hours into the cook.
    Just started using a wetting spray, used Apple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, California olive oil, shot of Laphroaig Scotch, and teaspoon of Franks.

    I'll put updates & photos up regularly.

    Wish me luck!


  2. Just on the grill top
  3. 2.5 hour before flip.
  4. @ 4 hrs, first spray with wetting solution.
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    If you keep opening your cooker like that you will add significant time to your cook. Let those picnics cook a good 6 hours before you open up again, check your internal temp at that time.

    At what temp are you cooking them?
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    Lookin' good so far...

  7. Trying to keep it between 200 & 225.
    Because of the, "quality construction" of my BBQ, the temp spikes when I add wood or charcoal to the firebox. I pull the hood for a couple seconds, and it normalizes pretty quick.
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    I have a similar BBQ smoker, IMHO you do not need to worry about the temp spikes, the highs and lows will even out.

    You are cooking at very low temps, consequently your picnics will take a very long time, I suggest bumping the cooking temp up to the 260°-280° range.
  9. with a sugar rub i stay below 250 deg to keep the sugar from burning. 225 to 240 is my target temp. then cook to I T of 200 to 205. wrap in foil thena couple of towels, into an ice chest to rest a hour or 3.

    happy smoken.

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  10. I'm looking for a very long cook time. My party kicks off at 6 tonight. Throwing these in the cooler around 7 (about 14 hours of cook time), and serving food around 8.
    Neighbors are making escabeche, Mac & potato salads. Expecting around 30.
    So should I still bump it up?
  11. Never mind, themule answered that for me.
  12. my last butt went 15 hours. so you will be close. i'd bump it up a little. nothing wrong with it resting a little longer if it gets done early. if it is late. people stand around like this[​IMG].

    when you get a chance. will you stop by roll call and add your location to your profile. i can't tell what time zone your in.

    happy smoken.

  13. I think it's around 250 now. Can't tell because the thermometer looks like it took more smoke than the meat... Rookie mistake I guess.
    External thermometer only has a "ideal temp" zone.
  14. yea the ideal doesn't tell you much. looks like your going to get it done in time. i can see your time now that i know where you are.

  15. Last of the applewood! Only had this much after a continuous 6 hour smoke... So why not put the rest on?!
    Plus this place around the corner from me sells it on the cheap $20 for a 15# bag of chunks. The way I went through this, I'm getting split logs next time.
  16. Temps reading @ 195 in both roasts. Looks like they will be ready to rest on time!

    Thanks guys!
  17. [​IMG]

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