First Time Using the new 40" MES

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  1. mangoman

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    I was finally able to start smoking using my new 40" BT MES and AMPS yesterday. Started with a small brisket, and ended with some chicken thighs, which finished up literally second before the skies opened up in a big afternoon thunderstorm.

    Both the brisket and the chicken came out amazing, and the wife tells me I can keep my new toy. [​IMG]

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  2. smokinal

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    Everything looks delicious!

    Congrats on the new toy!

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  3. As long as the boss approves you're in good shape! That brisket looks great! How much did it weigh and how long did it take if you don't mind me asking? I've been smoking meat for a few years now but brisket is still intimidating to me.
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  4. mangoman

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    It was a little over 6 lbs, and took about 5 hrs to hit 205F. I foiled at 190, and threw it in the cooler wrapped in towels at 205, and it sat in towels for about 3 hrs after that.

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