First Time Turkey Breast with Q-VIEW

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mohlrich, Aug 3, 2013.

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    I have never smoked turkey before and so I jumped on the opportunity when my dad asked me to smoke some for him. They are bone in turkey breast (9lbs & 7.5lbs). They had the neck still attached so i cut that out after an overnight brine. I cut the neck out so the breast would sit better on my racks. It kept wanting to roll when I was preparing it. I used Slaughterhouse Brine and man does that make your house smell awesome when you boil it down. I also used Slaughterhouse's injection. I mixed all the ingredients in a mason jar and tossed it in the fridge to cool it down from the hot butter. The mason jar is the ticket for injecting!! The butter separated from the rest so I pulled that our of the jar with my fingers and put it under the skin. I then rubbed it down and let it rest in the fridge until the smoker was ready.

    I'm trying to maintain 250 in the smoker but was having some trouble with white smoke. Made some slight adjustments and now at 252 with a beautiful blue smoke. Using 75% apple and 25% hickory.

    Here they are after 2 hours. IT is at 136. My plan it so pull the chip tray at an IT of 145ish and crank the heat up to 300 to crisp the skin. I will pull it at 165 IT and wrap it in foil for some cooler time. I will leave it in the cooler for roughly 30 mins. Thanks for looking and will post some more Q-view soon!

    [​IMG]Time for a barley pop [​IMG]
  2. since you are going to kick the heat up to crispy up the skin. Don't foil it and put it in the will loose your crispy skin..

    Instead drape a towel over it.

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    It's had to see but the juices were flowing out of the meat. Extremely tasty!!

    Skin turned out pretty good.

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    Looks excellent,  Turkey breasts are my favorite thing to smoke.   

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