First time smoking salmon

Discussion in 'Fish' started by jimmy417, May 18, 2011.

  1. Will attempt salmon for the first time this weekend.  Is it best to cut the salmon or can it be left in larger pieces?  Thanks.
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    The thinner tail piece will be done faster than the fatter end. Many will cut these so they can be pulled off first. Here's the link on the one I recently did and some of the posters on the thread have excellent posts of their own on salmon. That would be Al, Bear, and Ross. Many ways to go with salmon, I'd suggest typing in salmon in the search bar for many variations and ideas.  
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    I like to cut the belly & thin end of the tail off, much like trimming up St. Louis style ribs. This way you end up with a nice rectangle shape piece that is uniform in thickness. The thin pieces will cook quickly & give you something to snack on while your waiting for the big piece to be done. Salmon is one fish you don't want to over cook. It is done when it flakes apart easily. As soon as you start to see the juices turn a milky color it will be done in seconds. You have to watch it very closely. It's better to undercook it than overcook it. If it is overcooked it will be dry. For a rub we like to coat in olive oil, then dust with Cajun seasoning.

    Here's how it looks trimmed up & rubbed.


    When it's done it should look like this.


    Good luck & let us know how yours turns out.
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    Don't forget the Qview
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    Bear and Al know the way to smoke salmon!!


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