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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by yjay, May 31, 2014.

  1. yjay

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    Put a whole 4.5lb bird skin on in brine yesterday at 2pm using a Foamheart recipe as follows

    1/4 C Sugar

    1/4 C Canning Salt


    1 Whole clove of garlic cut in half

    1/2 white Onion sliced


    1T Red Wine Vinegar

    & water

    (+a touch of cumin and pepper)

    I'm going to use my Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite electric smoker. Can I just set the smoker to 275f and bring it to an IT of 165f? Any guesses on how long it will take? His post said 3 hours at 230. Any harm in going at the higher temp for the duration?


    And thanks to Foamheart.
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  2. dirtsailor2003

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    At 275 it'll probably take about 2 hour to get to 180. Just a FYI the safe temp for chicken is 165 (breast or thigh)
  3. yjay

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    Cool. Thank you. Should I go up a little past 165 to be safe or will that dry it out? Do you let birds rest like beef?
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    I take mine to 165. I normally don't rest chicken. I also don't brine chicken very often. I run my smoker at 325-350 for chicken so the skin crisps up and is not rubbery.
  5. yjay

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    Thanks. Bird's in the smoke since about 3:00. Pulled it out of the brine at 11 and set it in the fridge. Tied the legs together and rubbed a little chicago steak seasoning on it.Using mesquite cause I have it. Probably not the best wood for it or the right seasoning but how wrong can they be?

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  6. yjay

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    Took about 3 hours. Came out nice.
  7. I am kind of new to smoking but I have already smoked 2 whole chickens and I have not brined my chicken. I am wondering why people brine because my chicken has turned out juicy both times. The probably I have is the skin is always to moist.
  8. I don't brine my chickens either.  I know what you are saying about the happens in electric smokers.  If the skin being crispy is something you need and want then finish with a little grill action before serving.  Pull the chickens off about 10 degrees early and you can crisp the skin and bring it to proper safe temp too. 

    To keep my birds moist and add flavor I make a compound butter using my rib and put it under the breast skin.  The legs and thighs will remain juicy enough on their own.

    Happy smoking!!

  9. grillmonkey

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    I like to brine mainly because it gets salt everywhere, without over-salting some areas and under-salting others; chicken has lots of nooks and crannies and skin. A byproduct of brining is it does help make the meat more moist and contributes to crisping the skin.

    Check out
  10. Thanks Grillmonkey, I will try brining this weekend. I have another question for you, I plan on smoking a whole chicken and a brisket which should be on the higher rack while smoking? which should I start first? or deos it matter?
  11. Chicken ALWAYS on the bottom when smoking different kinds of meat together.  Best to put a pan under the brisket to catch the juices and let the chicken cook under it.  If the brisket drips on the chicken then your chicken may taste like brisket. 

    Start the Brisket first......1.5-2 hours / LB .  The chicken should take 2.5 hours or less to finish.

  12. Thanks PadronMan
  13. knifebld

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    Nicely done bud, looks great to me! I have tried out Foams brine recipe too and loved it, the guy knows his birds. LOL

  14. deleted question sorry.
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