First Time Shoulder Chuck Roasts

Discussion in 'Beef' started by millerk0486, Jul 28, 2013.

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    I was going through my freezer the other day and I came across two Chuck Shoulder Roasts that I previously purchased as a buy-one-get-one deal. I was thinking about roasting them in my crock pot with some veggies, but nowadays, anything that doesn't involve smoking or grilling just seems... well... boring! So, seeing as that I am from Maryland and never done Pit Beef or Shredded Pit Beef BBQ, I figured it is about time I lost my V-Card in this category.

    So here are my plans...

    I will rub them with a Montreal steak style rub, then mop it with a mop sauce which I plan on using as an injection and mop throughout the process. The mop sauce I got from SQWIB, see...

    Thanks SQWIB!

    The roasts are 2.5lbs each and I want to slow cook them tender so I can pull the beef. I intend on smoking them to an internal temp of 190-200°.

    I planned on using hickory, but it looks like all I have is mesquite, so it looks like I gotta run out to get some more wood chips. Any suggestions besides hickory?

    Any other suggestions or pointers before I start this fire? Also, anyone have an idea on how long this may take if cooking at 225ish?

    Thanks in advance! Will post Q-View's of this first time experience!
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  2. What kind of pit will you be using? You might think about chunks instead of chips for smoke. You can mix chunks or chips to get a nice flavor.

    Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

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    I'm using a WSM 22.5. I have always used chips. My last experience with chunks, they kept flaring up and made the temp jump. I'm guessing that I didn't let them soak in water long enough.

    I just got back from the store and picked up a 3.5lb Bottom Round Roast too. I would like to smoke then cool that one to slice up for sandwiches. If I want it to be Medium, should I pull it at medium-rare since it will probably continue to cook when I wrap it?
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  4. Don't soak your chips or chunks. Yes it does keep them from flaring up. No it doesn't make smoke. It makes steam. They have to dry before they can produce smoke. I know your thinking. I saw the smoke with my own eyes! No you saw steam.

    Yes pull your roast at MR if you want it M

  5. millerk0486

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    Here they are Rubbed and Injected. I don't normally use commercial rubs, but the store that I like to get my spices was out of my way yesterday so I am trying a new commercial today. Jakes Grillin Old Fashion Coffee Beef Rub.
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    I haven't tried chuck or round. I am watching with interest. [​IMG]

  7. millerk0486

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    The chucks are starting to look like steaks right now, but I have been keeping them moist with the mop. After 3 hours, my bottom round reached 135°. I went ahead and pulled it and wrapped it in foil. I want it to be medium, so I am going to leave it wrapped at room temp before I put it on the fridge to firm up for slicing.

    Here is the bottom round hot off the smoker
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    Looks great....cant wait to see some shots of them sliced and juicy!

  9. I have done some eye round and bottom round. Also being from Maryland I really gi for pit beef. I rub with salt, pepper, garlic and rosemary. I smoke at 235º until IT of 138º-140º . I wrap snd rest foratlat least a hour. Thinly sliced on my cheapo slicer, and so far so good. I have cooked for two parties the last two weekends 60 people snd 30 people, big hit at both.
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    Sounds good Gone4NC. I will have to try your rub some time. I definitely just found a new meat for me to smoke again. I just sliced the Bottom Round and it tastes awesome! I will definitely do this again! The pot roasts are still in the smoker.

    I was afraid that they would dry and get tough, so I just wrapped them on the pit with some of the mop. I'm gonna give them another hour or so and see what happens.
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    Looks fantastic!
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    They look magnificent! 

  13. reinhard

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    Looks great!!!! i havent done a bottom round in the smoker, so  your method will help. Reinhard

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