First time in the new custom stick burner - Memorial Day 09

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  1. Well we christened up the new rig yesterday. This is a reverse flow that I basically stole from my friends dad. They used to have a BBQ joint in town, but shut it down several years ago. I found her rusting away in his back yard and since he treats me like one of the kids I walked away with it for $250.00! I feel like I should be ashamed, but that feeling goes away pretty quick. I've lined up sandblast and paint for her in a few weeks.

    My brother and I lit her up at 5am. The plan was to cook the following:

    1 8lb brisket
    1 7lb boston butt
    5 slabs baby backs
    5 lbs of Conecuh Sausage (a local brand from Conecuh County, AL)
    1 lb of Bratwurst from a butcher in Wisconsin
    2 lbs of homemade link deer sausage
    20 ears of shucked corn
    plus plenty of side dishes

    I rubbed down all the meat the night before with some Bad Byron's rub and put in the fridge. We lit up the new girl and let the fire run for about an hour before putting any meat in. The brisket and butt went in at 6am and the ribs followed at about 8:30.

    About 10:30 we foiled everything: ribs, brisket, and butt. Both the butt and the brisket had reached 180 degrees. Not sure how because we had the temp only at 250 for the entire time.

    Somewhere about 1pm we opened the ribs and had to leave them on the foil to start glazing them. They were already about a half inch pulled back and too tender to move much. From here we put all the sausage on and left the butt and brisket in foil for at least another hour.

    We started pulling everything about 2pm or so and it was fantastic. The brisket was too tender to cut and the butt just melted in your mouth. The ribs were equally tender, but I think they dried out a little after they came out of the foil.

    Here are some pics. I hope you enjoy. I really appreciate everyone here making this a great forum. I have learned a lot and hope to learn a whole lot more.

    We would have had more Q-View, but my brother thought I was crazy for wanting to take all those pictures and I forgot pics of all the stuff on the bar before everyone dug in. :-( I'll try to snap more next time.

    6 am getting started:


    My brother is the "Fire Man"


    Temp almost ready


    Looking good


    Foiled up and getting tender


    Ribs before the foil


    My brother on the left and his brother in law on the right


    Thanks for looking!

    Vegas Frak!
  2. carpetride

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    Good looking ribs! Sounds like you broke her in right.
  3. fire it up

    fire it up Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Wow Frak! Nice arrangement you got going on there.
    Try and get a few pics of everything completed.
    Excellent job.
  4. I wish we had the pics of the brisket and stuff on the counter. It was my first one and man it was good. It was really hard to slice it was so tender.

    I really expected it to take a lot longer from what I had read, but we pulled it off in about an hour per pound.

    One other lesson learned was that those bbq gloves are hard to get off once you get them greased up from handling the meat. Ha ha! I've got large hands and they fit a little snug. They are a booger to pull off when they are slipping and sliding on each other.

    Vegas Frak
  5. bassman

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    What a good looking batch of food! You can tell your brother that we don't care if he likes you taking pics or not. We are the ones that count around here.[​IMG]
  6. rivet

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    Vegas, that's one large smoker you got there and some great lookin food coming out of it! Way to go!
  7. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    Everything looks pretty good, but you still need to paint that mofo.
  8. jamesb

    jamesb Smoking Fanatic

    Looks like a good time with da family and friends!

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