First time doing baby back ribs. Also did ABT's and pulled beef w/ HEAVY QVIEW!

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  1. I've only done St. Louis style spareribs since I've started smoking. The wife wanted some ribs and I thought I would try my hand at baby backs. Cash N' Carry had them on sale for $2.99lb, so I got a nice 3 rack pack which came in at about 10.5 lbs. I put my usual homemade rub on after pulling the membrane off. I sprinkle a little extra brown sugar on top of them as I get the smoker going. The brown sugar dissolves as it sits for a bit.

    I also did up some ABT's using jalapenos and some Anaheims. My kid likes the Anaheims because they have no heat with a very good pepper flavor. I mixed up 1 cup of cream cheese, 1 cup of finely shredded cheddar, 1 tsp chili powder, 2 shallots minced and mixed it all up. I split the jalapenos down the middle. I also used cheddar filled Lil Smokies. I cut those in half, laid them on the peppers and then pressed the cheese concoction on top and wrapped them up in bacon.

    I even did a chuck roast to have for dinner tomorrow. I did a coating of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. I smoked it til it hit 165deg, then put it in a pan with beef broth and thinly sliced onions and covered the pan with foil and tossed it into the oven at 350deg for an hour, added sauteed green peppers and mushrooms and some chopped smoked jalapenos. Put it back in the oven for another couple of hours. Then I removed the roast from the mix, poured out the liquid into my fat separator, shredded the beef, put the beef back in the pan, made an au jus with the drippings and beef broth and poured it back over everything in the pan. We're going to have it for dinner tomorrow served over homemade cheddar biscuits.

    Everything came out awesome. It's a good thing I forget how good ABT's are, otherwise I would make a ton of them and get stuffed on those before dinner is ready. The baby backs came out awesome but one of the racks was ginormous. It didn't cook as thorough so instead of fall off the bone tender it had a pork loin consistency. They tasted great of course but I like the almost fall off the bone texture as opposed to the firm tug texture. It's hard to tell what's up with these things since they're packed so tight and mushed into the plastic wrap, otherwise I would've avoided the one that had the mutant-sized rack.

    I smoked everything in the UDS using Kingsford blue and mesquite and cherry chunks at 235deg. I bought a new heat shield and I could tell it made a nice difference. Without any heat shield, whatever is dead center in the smoker cooks hotter/faster, so I made a heat shield out of a 12" aluminum pizza pan with holes drilled into it. It stopped the center from being blasted with heat but the edges became the hot zone. So I ordered a new one from Amazon. It's a pizza cooking pan, but it was 19 inches and all the holes were already there. Now there's no more hot edges. 

    Here's my new heat shield!

    Those dollar store holiday plates sure come in handy!

    The ABT's always go quick!

    Off the smoker after 2 hours. I sprinkled some more rub on them and foiled em up with Parkay, Honey, brown sugar and plenty of honey whiskey!

    You can see that big sonofabeast in the middle. It was literally about 5 inches in height!

    Got the chuck roast into the pan, ready to top with foil and chill in the oven.

    Got the ribs out of the foil and back on the smoker.

    I am not overly fond of saucy ribs, I like a good rib glaze though. Made it with orange juice, honey whiskey, cider vinegar, bbq sauce and honey. Look at that shine!

    Off the smoker and waiting to be sliced up.

    Great ribs! Juicy, Sweet. Smokey. Nice smoke ring. Perfecto!

    I am not ashamed to say, I ate almost a whole rack! 

    These were the ginormous ones I spoke of. Almost like dino beef ribs they were so big.

    The chuck roast is hiding in a sea of veggies and beef broth.

    It developed a nice smoke ring too. I've never had one that good on a piece of beef before.

    It's actually illegal to not sample the goods as you shred it up. Not many people know that about the law.

    One big happy family reunion! Leftovers for the week! The smoked jalapenos really give it a nice deep flavor profile with just a bit of heat on the back end. Excellent!

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  2. Wow - looks like everything turned out awesome!  [​IMG]   Very nice smoke man!  [​IMG]
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    That's some great looking meals you got there! I am offically jealous.
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    That's some cookin there!
  5. I'm drooling over here! Awesome job.
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    That looks fantastic. Great job.
  7. Thanks! Can't wait to have the beef for dinner tonight.
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    I know this is an old post but searching for rib recipes and came across this and WOW VERY NICE!!!

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