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Discussion in 'Beef' started by crvtt, Apr 8, 2013.

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    This is the first time I've bought meat from wal mart and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it.  This package of beef ribs was under $5 and had more meat on it that the ribs I get from the local grocery store that sells them at a much higer price ($3.99/lb!!)  I'm GUESSING these were short ribs because they're much smaller than the ribs I buy from the grocery store, don't really care either was since they were cheap, pretty meaty for the price, and tasted great.   I used all apple wood this time as opposed to the hickory/mesquite mix I'd usually use.   I found the apple on its own to be a little too light for beef for our tastes.  Next time I'm going to try a combo of apple and mesquite.  I used the same 3-2-1 method I used last weekend for my St. Louis ribs and again used Billbo's rub and sauce.  I again had super tender delicious ribs.  For some reason my meat always looks burnt in the pics but I assure you it doesn't taste burnt!

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  2. first off, [​IMG]....lmao. secondly, i agree with you there, i ended up mixing apple and cherrywood..or apple and hickory and had awesome results. anything apple and cherry in my world! but then again i have become sooo accustomed to fruit woods its insane!

    being from arizona we have nothing but mesquite trees on our imagine using nuthing but mesquite every single time...haha. had to break away and try something else and found that i can never go wrong with cherry wood on beef ribs, the apple wood is just a bonus to me. [​IMG]
  3. I like beef ribs more than I like the pork variety and if you treat them with the respect they deserve, they'll turn out tender and juicy and falling near off the bone.  The trick is in the overnight marinade and not to rush them in the cooking process.  Low and slow so some of the unwanted fat drips off and keeps the meat moist.

    I've seen some of the worst cooks in America ruin beef ribs in more ways than I can count.  Some try frying them, some bake them like a roast in the oven, some par-boil and serve with a bottle of Hunts BBQ sauce.  Most vow to never cook beef ribs again because the meat is tough.  It's not the cow's fault.  

    A family member recently watched me inspecting beef ribs at the grocery store and reminded me of how tough they were the last time we had them.  I could have said, "You mean the last time you cooked them", but I chose instead to keep the old mouth shut.  Suggesting only that she needs to try them off the smoker.
  4. I can't find beef ribs with enough meat on them to interest me.  Only time I had some that were meaty was when I cut them off of a prime rib roast.  Ones in your photos look great.  If I ever come across any with enough meat on em I'll give em a try.
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    Very nice!  

    I think I'll do another couple racks of beef ribs on the WSM soon!

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    Looks great!  [​IMG]
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    Jaybone, these were from Wal Mart, you should be able to find them no problem.  Like you, the beef ribs we used to buy had damn near no meat on them as the cut them close to bone.   Makes it even worse when they charge $4/lb for them!!   The ribs in the photo were around $4.50 for the whole rack from wal mart.
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    Nice Job!!!

    Dino Beef Ribs are my favorite Ribs!!!

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    Thanks for the info.... Never smoked beef ribs before. Definitely going to be trying these Saturday, They look Delicious!!!!!
  10. Hadn't noticed the beef ribs at my neighborhood WalMart but I'll keep looking.  I have seen some nice looking pork shoulders, pork picnics, and whole brisket packers.  Thanks for the info.
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    JayBone, I ASSUMED all wal marts stock the same stuff but I guess I'm wrong.   My Wal Mart also has beef cheek, sort of reminds me of brisket but even fattier!   I haven't bought one yet but probably will one day.   I'm in Pittsburgh, PA for reference. 
  12. Thanks crvtt, I'll keep checking.

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