First time bacon photo.

Discussion in 'Bacon' started by akern, Apr 28, 2012.

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    This is my first attempt at bacon. Came out tasty. I cured for seven days and dried it in the fridge for 24 hrs and then cold smoked for 8 hours. Need to tweek my cure. I used a dry cure method in which i rubbed in the cure put it in a ziplock bag and flipped it every other day. Off to get another pork belly and start again this was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for the advice and info on how to do this.
  2. alblancher

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    Once you start,  you just can't stop
  3. mballi3011

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    Now you will have plenty of really good bacon in your future. Once you start making it yourself you wont buy any more cheap yucky bacon.
  4. jp61

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    Nice job! What kind of wood did you use to smoke the bacon? 
  5. MMMmmmmmm....bacony!!

    Good for you!

  6. Looks Great! I bet it tasted awesome! I am going to try to make bacon for the first time next week also.
  7. Apple. Used the amazen smoker inside my smokin tex.
  8. rbranstner

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    Making your own bacon is the only way to go.
  9. moikel

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    Hard to ever go back to store bought bacon now!
  10. jrod62

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    Bacon looks good Thumbs Up
  11. Bacon looks great! No going back to the store bought stuff now!
  12. be careful, if you do it to much you can go blind  [​IMG]

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