First Spares and babybacks on my WSM 22.5

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brian85, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Going to be trying my luck with my first meat on my new WSM 22.5 I have 2 racks of spares I've trimmed down and 2 racks of babybacks. 82° partly cloudy.

    10:45 smoker started.

    Meat for the smoker.

    Thin blue smoke.

    Meat on the WSM. 11:30am

    12:05pm 87° mostly sunny winds 9mph.

    3 hours in sunny 95° doing a little rack swap.
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  2. I recommend you let that white dirty smoke clear to thin blue clean smoke before adding food.
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  3. Oh yeah. Meat isn't going on for another 15 minutes at least smoke starting to dwindle.
    Did I at least get the right section to post this in?
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  4. That gulp of fresh air gave this thing more than I expected. Not even 10 minutes and the smoke has settled down again and temp almost back to 230°
  5. Finished product pulled at 5:30. 6 hours later
  6. Also wanted to mention I took the rib tips I trimmed off the spare ribs had those smoking at same time as ribs about an hour before I took the ribs off I took the tips off cut into small pieces sprinkled with rub and barbeque sauce and threw them back in the smoker for a half hour. Made wonderful sandwiches.
  7. Nice looking ribs man! Smoke ring and bark is gorgeous. you didn't wrap? What kind of wood did you use?

    I smoke on an 18.5 WSM and i wish i had bought a 22.5
  8. No I found I like the better bite better without wrapping and the wife doesn't prefer as long as they are smoked. That was as close to a 50/50 split I could get with apple and cherry wood.
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    They look great!

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