First spare ribs in electric ECB

Discussion in 'Pork' started by goodwyne, May 20, 2006.

  1. goodwyne

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    Well, I did my first spare ribs in the ol' ECB today. Sorry, I forgot to take pics. Call me gullible but I sprang for Jeff's rub recipe. I'd used it once before on a portk roast and it was good but I like it a little sweeter. So this time I doubled the dark brown sugar. But first, I followed all the directions about removing the membrane and I saw one recipe where you were supposed to scrape the fat from the bone after removing the membrane so I did that too. Did all that last night, covered 'em and put 'em in the fridge.

    This morning I got 'em out, washed 'em off and applied the rub to both sides. They sat like that at room temp for about an hour. While they were sitting I fired up the ECB and got things going. My wife had complained that my meats were too smokey and I have been using a LOT of wood so this time I backed way off. Once the smoker was up to temp and the wood smoking I put the ribs in a rack and placed it in the smoker.

    I smoked them for about 7 hours. About every 30 minutes or so (I didn't actually time it) I sprayed them with apple juice. At 5 hours they were at 170 degrees but I felt that just wasn't long enough so I left them in and kept spraying them. I'd planned on dinner at 6:00 and they went on the smoker at 11:00 so I had to stretch it out.

    I kept an eye on the internal temp and it made it up to 180 but no higher. At about 5:45 I pulled 'em off and brought 'em in the house. After sitting and resting for about 15 minutes I cut 'em up in two bone sections. Everyone got a plate and piled on the ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans and toasted french bread. I was the last to sit down to eat.

    OH MY GOD, those were the best ribs I think I've ever eaten. The meat literally fell off the bone and the flavor was fantastic. No one asked for sauce.

    I really wish I'd taken pictues. Next time I will. I gotta say, so far I've had good results from almost every smoke I've done and I have to credit this forum for a lot of it. Every time I try something new I come here first and read what everyone else has done. It has served me well. I love this forum!
  2. dutch

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    Don't you love it when it finally comes together? Congrats on a successful rib smoke Ron.

    And that is what this Forum is all about Ron-Learning from each other!!
  3. larry maddock

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    yo goodwyne dude,
    i am pleased to see another success story.
    i really like that its a ELECTRIC smoker.
    i luv mine.

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