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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by brickguy221, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Other than seasoning it the other day, I smoked with my new 40" Bluetooth for the first time today. 

    The Smoker worked perfect, even exceeding my expectations. I set the temperature and it held, never dropping more than 3 degrees below the set temperature. It cycled perfect just like a car going down the highway holding it's speed with the cruise control on.

    Now using pellets the first time is another story ....  I used the 5 x 8 tray. I filled 2 rows and smoked for 5 hrs. It burned  1 1/2 of the 2 rows, However, there was very little smoke taste in the ribs, almost nil. I used Jack Daniels Pellets. They are not a potent smoke like Hickory and Mesquite can be sometimes if they are used too heavy. Could this have been my problem today, that the smoke needed to be heavier?

    As I said, this is my first try with pellets and I am disappointed with pellets at this point. 

    Anyone have any idea why the smoke was so weak even though it burned the amount in 5 hrs it should have,  based on the tray is supposed to last 10 hrs and it used half a tray in 5 hrs?
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    I just now got an Email from Todd and this is what he said .....

    "Jack Daniels Chips are actually bourbon barrels that have been made into chips

    Jack Daniels Pellets are made from the charcoal that the whisky is filtered thru.  Charcoal just does not produce the same amount of smoke that the chips produce.

    I used to stock Bourbon Barrel Pellets that were made from actual whisky barrels.  These produce the smoke and flavor of chips.

    The Tube will produce more smoke, so let me know if you attain the desired flavor you are looking for?"

     It appears this was my problem today. If the Tube I have ordered doesn't give me enough smoke flavor, then I may have to use JD Chips and not pellets on ribs.
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  3. You are getting information from a very knowledgeable individual. That info is about a competitor's product.You are now wanting to use another product that is more per pound than his. Just pony up and buy his pellets. It won't matter if you buy his standard or specially pellets they work and are at a fair price. I think what you are saying or should be saying is that you are disappointed with the pellets and perhaps the  flavor you chose.

    Before you go buy gourmet pellets, try and understand his standard pellets. A nice variety would include his Pit masters blend, Hickory and perhaps Oak. Those are three solid performers that work. If you are like some folks that like a lot of smoke you can always lite both ends of the tray. But at the same time I would think you would reduce the smoke time. These are just my thoughts your mileage may differ.  Jted
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    FYI, I bought ALL of my products from Todd, so keep your accusations to yourself untill you have facts.

    I bought from Todd his  5 x 8 Tray, Gelled fire Starter, and the following 8 different  Pellets consisting of ... Hickory, Mesquite, Jack Daniels, Cherry, Apple, Peach, Pecan, & Oak plus he included 2# of his Pit Masters Blend with my order & then yesterday I ordered the 12" Tube in attempt to produce more smoke when using the Jack Daniels Pellets.

    As for whether the Jack Daniels Pellets are a competitiors product or Todd's, I haven't even the slightest idea.  I just know that Todd sells it, I bought it from Todd, so I will have to assume it is his product. 
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    You can read about my virgin MES 40 BT + AMPS experience here:

    Here was smoke #2, a butt:

    In short, I was pretty disappointed with the ribs.  The butt was PERFECT.  I too did not get much smoke flavor in ribs, but the shoulder tasted great.  I had an issue with my chip loader not being pulled out far enough when doing my butt (found that out the hard way), which I suspect may have limited smoke production with the ribs (they only get smoked for 3 hours).  I need to redo the ribs to confirm it, but perhaps this was the issue and my two posts will help you.

    What I can say is that the combo of the MES BT 40 + AMPS is a fantastic setup, especially for a complete noob (when used correctly).  The butt was amazing and I cant wait to do another one.  It's so simple.  It's genius. 
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  6. Brickguy, You are right I did not have all the information and I apologies. No matter where you bought your pellets try the Mix or the Hickory. See if that level of smoke is for you. The fruit woods are light in nature and the Mesquite is about the strongest you have.
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    Thanks a bunch jted ... Apology accepted  [​IMG]  

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