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  1. Hi people so after building my smoker i was itching to use it the first thing i wanted to try was pulled pork. So i got my self a nice pork shoulder and found a nice dry rub recipe i applied the rub and left overnight in the fridge. The morning after i fired up the smoker got it around 125c and popped the shoulder in on the middle shelf. I resisted the urge to keep opening the door for a quick peek. i didn't have any charcoal so i was just burning wood which was giving of a nice smoke but i found it quite a task to maintain a steady temp this was kinda annoying me a little as i spent allot of time making the smoker but it was my first time after all so i kept going with it. I had a temp probe in the meat and smoked it till the internal temp was at 90c. I removed and let rest in tin foil for about 30Min's but as a tried to pull it i found the meat to be quite firm and not wanting to part easily think this maybe because my temp in the smoker was up and down quite a bit plus it didn't taste right is it possible i over smoked it by burning wood constantly pleas tell me where I'm going wrong
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    You probably could have gone a bit higher on the temp, 96c.  I believe that is close to 205*f. Not knowing what your setup is is kind of hard for use to determine what else could have contributed to the tougher meat. Can you post some pictures? Of your set up? Running at 125c you should have been fine for your smoker temp. You could have gone up to 129c and as low as 107c.

    Knowing more about the cut of meat would help. Did it have the bone in, or no bone? Was there lots of fat or was it lean?
  3. There was no bone and i would say there was an average amount of fat on the shoulder. I have tryed uploading some pics from my phone i will try again but basically its a double barrle style smoker the lower chamber for the
    fire whic has a top chamber conected via two flues and one flu on top for the smoke to escape

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