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    for those that done't read "Roll Call", I got a new smoker for Christmas from my lovely wife. :) It's an ECB electric, but it's somewhere to get my feet wet to see if I want to get heavily invested in this hobby. :)

    Went to the store yesterday and got a rack of baby back ribs. Got them home, cleaned them up and pulled the silverskin off the back. When I went to season them, SOMEONE (without mentioning any names) didn't think I'd do it right and asked that I cut the rack in half so she can season her half the way she wants it (I have, in her defense, overseasoned stuff on the past, and my track record with ribs is less than stellar). [​IMG]

    Got my half seasoned with a nice covering of Tony Chachere's on both sides, she seasoned hers with salt and pepper alone. Wrapped them both up in saran wrap and put them in fridge for the cook today (this was about 3-4 int he afternoon).

    Got back to the house today at 1:00, put 2 quarts of water on to boil, plugged in the smoker and started soaking my chips in a bowl of water. I used some Whiskey barrel chips and one hickory chunk to smoke today. about 1:30, put the boiling water on with 2 more quarts of water hot from the tap (in my house, that's about 170-175, so it's HOT). put the ribs on about 1:40 and let them ride.

    about 2:30 or 3:00, it really started to smoke, so I made the "seal" out of foil around the lid and checked the chips I had in there. I did have to add another foil pouch of the whiskey chips about now so the smoke wouldn't stop. When I came back in, i remembered some polish sausage that was old enough that it was in the "throw away or eat" phase. i put them on the bottom rack of the ECB at this point. [​IMG]

    At about 7:00, I pulled the racks and the sausage off the grill. The meat had pulled up nicely from the bones, the temp probe read 181 in the thickest part the meat, so I know it was done. They rested for 20-25 minutes some foil wrapped in a towel.

    My first rack was good, I know what I like with the seasoning now. I'm going to try some of Alton Brown's dry rub next time I do ribs and see how that works out. i'm also going to try and get them more smoked up. These were a very dark red, I wanted something closer to brown/black. It could be that I didn't season it enough, but I doubt it.

    On Friday, I'm putting a small (4.25 pound) brisket on. It was 4~ish pounds, or 14 pounds, and frankly I don't want to mess up a $25 piece of meat with something I'm trying. A freind gave me his recipe for a rub (oyster sauce, sugar, salt and pepper, poke the meat with a fork and put the wet rub on in a ziplock, let it sit overnight, etc.). I figure it'll need to cook until it reaches the 185-190 temp inside, which on my smoker should take between 6-7 hours. that sound about right to you seasoned guys out there?

    Thanks for reading!

    Next time, I promise some Q-View for everyone. :)
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    Congrats on a successful first smoke.[​IMG]
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    Hey John
    Sounds like you are off and running with a great start on those ribs
    Nice job
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