First Smoke with GOSM - Baby Back Ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bob-b-q, May 5, 2013.

  1. I had used a Bradley for the last 4 years and wanted to upgrade to something large and a little more "power".  Did my first some today with my GOSM propane smoker.  Had some trouble with controlling the temperature.  It was all over the place.  It seemed the slightest adjustment to the burner and it would swing wildly in that direction.  Got it to sit at 225 for an hour or so at the most.  I have seen some people talking about a needle valve mods.  Probably going to do that, but any other basic tips/suggestions for my propane smoker?  I'm really curious how to use the vents a bit more.  Had the top vent wide open and closed the side vents most of the way.  I thought if I had opened them more it would add more oxygen and therefore add more heat.  Got a decent smoke ring, but it didn't seem consistent throughout the ribs.

    I used the tried and trusted 3-2-1 method with my own rub and sauce recipes.

    Anyways, everything tasted great and my wife's family really enjoyed themselves!  Also, made a few neighbors happy people since they had to smell it all day long.  Can't wait to take my experience up a few notches!!

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  2. Hey man,

    I have had the same issue with mine as well.

    I have found that if you can get her dialed in at about 220ish leave it be. It will jump in temp from time to time but then settle down.

    Also I full pan of water helps keep the temp down. Do you have an internal temp probe or are you looking at the door?

    I bought the A-Maze-N tube for mine and had to put a tin pan over the flame to stop the pelts from being started on fire and that seemed to help even out the heat a bit.

    Needle valve will be next that is for sure!
  3. sqwib

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    Grub looks great.

    I have a GOSM Big Block and haven't had any temp problems, are you using the water pan with water?
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    Nice looking ribs!

    I have a GOSM wide body, going on 8 years now, maybe more?? Anyways I highly recommend the needle valve. Especially if you want to smoke low temps. I can crank mine up to 450*+ or run it consistently from 160* and up. Anything below 160* and I have to babysit. I am a dry smoke chamber cooker ans have the water pan filled with sand. Really helps on the windy and cold days for stabilizing the temps swings. I run with the tip vent wide open all the time. In fact mine is so seasoned that I can't move it with my hands! For the side vents it varies. I usually will close the windward side. The more I think about it I use the needle valve more than the vents to control the temp. I use the 18" and 12" AMNTS and never have problems keeping it going. With a gasser its hard to get a good smoke ring.
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    The needle valve would definitely give you better control of temps.

    The ribs look great!  Nicely done.

  6. I did use water in my water pan.  Only had to add water once during the 6 hours.  Is that weird?  I also have the Maverick dual probe thermometer.  I used that to get my temp from.  I learned early on from my Bradley not to use the one on the door.

    I am definitely going to get the needle valve added to my set up and see how that goes next time.

    Thanks for all the help so far!!
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    I've been smoking with my GOSM for about 1 1/2 years.  I generally keep all vents closed as much as possible and I have no trouble with temperature control.  I cannot get down real low unless I put ice in the water pan which I do when I'm smoking salmon.  I do not have the needle valve installed because I haven't really needed it.
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    You should keep your top vent open.
  9. sqwib

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    Before you start making mods, was there anything else that could have affected the temps, wind, rain, peeking?

    Is your flame yellow or blue.

    Chamber probe location is important as well, make sure it is directly next to the meat and not touching anything.

    Take pics of your chip pan and your flame on high.

    These Gosm's especially the Big Block works great right out of the box, what model do you have? Sounds like you have a big Block by the amount of time you said you got out of the water pan, I will usually get an entire rib cook from one fill.

    Post your model and some pics.

    Read this before modding

    Hope you mods don' t mind.
  10. I am very careful my temp probe is not touching anything.  My flames are blue, seeing as this is a brand new unit, I would have sent it back if it were anything else.  The model is 3895GWLA,  I believe this is the one everyone refers to as the "Big Block".  A pic of my GOSM is my avatar.  I could have gotten one rib cook from one fill, but didn't want to chance it, so I added a little towards the end.

    It was a bit windy that day, but nothing over excessive in my view.  Maybe I will hold off for a bit on the needle valve.  I would imagine this is going to be trail and error just like when I started with my Bradley.

    Next time I run my smoker I'll try to remember some pics of the inside with the flame on high.

    Thanks SQWIB for the link!

    And thanks everyone for all the great responses.  I'm so happy to have joined this forum!!
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    Heres a review done by a fellow SMF


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