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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ga84gw, Aug 1, 2008.

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    I just signed up on here last week and couldn't wait to try my hand at smoking something. So on Friday I went and got a Pork shoulder to try out(didn't see any good butts at the store and didn't feel like riding around town to find one). I got it rinsed off, coated with mustard and put it in the fridge over night. I put the rub on it first thing Saturday morning and went to fire up the smoker. I must say I am very pleased with my new-to-me smoker. Anyway, I had made me a basket to give the coals more air flow and I loaded it up with lump. I made me a coffee can starter and filled it with lump and set it on a propane cooker(like used for frying a turkey or cooking a low country boil) to get the lump ready in about 2 minutes. Dumped the hot lump in with the other and let it build up for about 40 minutes to get to temp and loaded the shoulder in the smoker.

    My first try was too easy. I maintained 215-235 in the smoke chamber most of the time. Only took about an hour per pound with no plateau. I wrapped it in a towel and set on the stove(nope didn't have a cooler handy). After I pulled it apart, I put on some finishing sauce and was done with it. Took it on a trip and my friends tried it and said it was great. I have orders to cook a butt for our next trip together.

    Here is my qview

    Tonight I just finished off a butt and oh man! I had a problem keeping the temp up with two rain showers today but I finally got it finished. It was a hot day out but it was still a lot of fun and now I just need to tease my brother with my new skill. He does some smoking but I think he will be impressed with my new ability. [​IMG] He just uses regular briquettes and it isn't anywhere near what I just finished.
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    Great looking butt and TBS to boot!
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    Looks great.
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    Nice job and sweet lookin smoker setup. I think you are heading in the right direction. Once you get a real confidence about your abilities and how you deal with weather/smoker issues, then you will get the urge to"experiment or tweek" your smokes. Thats when the fun really happens, and the possibilities are endless.

    Keep up the good work grasshoppa![​IMG]

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