First smoke on Father's Day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shrubsmokes, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Baby backs on at 10 chicken on at 9:30
    Using cherry wood, neighbors are already asking if they can try some cause is smells so good.

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    Looks like you off to a great start!  Be sure to post updates so we can admire...

  3. I will, being my first smoke I need to perfect my method of keeping my temps stable and my chips smoldering, the previous owner of this smoker was clearly doing something incorrectly as his method yield little to no smoke may as well have been an oven. I'm toying with the idea of covering my heating element completely with lava rock and placing my chips directly on that. Any recommendation are welcome, pictures are great I'm a very visual learner. Haha
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  4. It is clear I got too hot and spent too much in foil, they are fall off the bone with no smoke ring may as well have cooked them in the crock pot. Oh well they have smoke flavor and the rub I made is excellent.

  5. My chicken turned out great have to write my temp and time down on that one!
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    Everybody wishes they could hit a homerun with their first at bat.... myself.. I think they look pretty damn good... how long did you cook the ribs.. being they are baby backs, did you do the 2-2-1- method and not the 3-2-1- method for spares... I see you have some kind of thermometer.. what were your temps for the rack they were on ?
  7. I did the 2-2-1 ran 225 up to 240 at one point, my thermometer was on my chicken on the lower rack I was running around 250 on the lower rack, not sure how well the thermometers are calibrated I didn't take the time to check. Everyone at the dinner table to night were very impressed, my hot rub one rack was a hit with my dad. And the chicken is completely gone so I'm pretty proud of myself. I'd say it wasn't a homerun but more like a stand up double. Haha
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    Looks and sounds great to me!

  9. They say you're your worst critic.
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    Looks good to me !
  11. Thanks everybody I'll be posting my next smoke soon I hope.

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