First Smoke? No QVue YET!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by fireproofinc, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. fireproofinc

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    Hey All,

    I've debated and debated about what to get for a smoker/grill. I kinda wanted to have the ability to both in one unit, at least for now. I've been hemming and hawing over getting the Chargriller with SFB or a ECB type. Well, today I pulled the trigger and got a Brinkman Gourmet. 50 bucks at Lowes. Put it together while the lump was heating in the chimney.

    Now...I cooked some steaks and corn on the grill part of her tonight. Not too bad. I've been a Hank Hill supporter for my whole life (propane and propane accessories), so this is the first time I've really used charcoal, especially lump. Burns differently, that is for sure. Turned out not too bad. I ate the whole dang thing, even the wife liked hers pretty well.

    SO -- Here is where I need some help. I want to smoke something, like yesterday! I just moved to FL from MN where I have been inside for seems like a year due to winter. What are your suggestions??? What should I smoke first that won't take two days on this puppy and that I can control. I'm figuring on doing some mods tomorrow as well, like venting and such.

    Cheers! Looking forward to the addiction, I mean hobby and skill.

  2. bb53chevpro

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    Hey there Fire, you should stop in at Roll Call to introduce yourself. It's like a tradition here.
    Welcome to the forum.
  3. pdigg

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    Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! And like BB said, stop by Roll Call when you get a minute and give an introduction.

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