First Smoke In The New Smoker- Pulled Pork (Qview to come tom)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by hooligan8403, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Ok bought a new smoker (masterforge electric dome smoker) the other week and I finally get to use it. This will also be my first pp. Iv done briskits, lamb, and ribs before so not totally new to smoking. Iv read the sticky on smoking pp and will use what iv read. Got a rub i use on ribs and briskit that im thinking of trying on my pp and Im thinking of using Hickory chunks. Have a secret BBQ sauce im making as well that the my old lady has never tried. Going to have to involve the wife as Im going to be at work most of the day so this could be really interesting to see how this turns out. Can you develop a decent bark on an electric smoker? 
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    Yes you can get a great bark on a electric smoker. If you don't foil it you will get even more bark.

    I use a different rub on beef than I do on pork, but if your rub works on both, then go for it!
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    SECRET SAUCE!!!...We have Vays of making you Talk!...What's in the Rub Too?[​IMG]...JJ
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  4. Smokin:Glad I can get that bark. My wife likes to munch on the crispy bits while we get the rest of the meal ready when I make other dishes so I doubt this will be any different. The only pork Iv used it on has been ribs but I got a feeling i should be good until I have the time to sit down and figure out what I want to make for both pork and beef and while im at it probably chicken too.

    Chef J: A good cook never tells his secrets. I think we all have our own recipes we hold in a death grip.

    Just realized on my drive back to work from lunch that im going to have to push up my cook time. My wife might just be the one smoking this and taking care of it.
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    I have to disagree on this. On this forum we share recipes with each other. Even our best one's. That's what

    makes this place so special. Chef Jimmy has given us all some of the best recipes I have. I just won 1st place in a rib comp using his foiling sauce, & first place in a special dish comp, using a gumbo recipe from another member (eman). Your recipe may be a great one, but I bet there are better one's here for you to try. At some point you may want to reconsider your position & join us in sharing your best. Just my 2 cents.
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    I have to agree with Al.  Here we don't like to keep secrets!
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         X2          [​IMG]

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    Your are certainly welcome to feel that way...But...If all good Cooks NEVER told their secrets...Why have a couple of MILLION COOK BOOKS BEEN PUBLISHED...I guess Beard, Escoffier, Rytek and a whole bunch of Chef's on the Foodnetwork...Aren't Good Cooks!...Oh well[​IMG]...JJ
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  9. Lol it wasnt meant to be anything bad I was just that way when I ran my restaurant. Didnt let anyone else make it either even if I had to make it late at night well after hours. Ill probably post it on here at some point to be honest because i like this community and Iv learned a lot. Also Im no longer owning and operating my own restaurant so no worries there.
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    ...No Offense Taken!...Was just a little Surprised with your statement...I have learned SO much from so many Great Chefs, many of them no longer with us, that I have always been eager to pass it on...So...I look forward to Learning from YOU too...JJ
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      SO............if ya ain't gonna share here ?    THEN..     Ya ain't gonna ask any questions ?     Don't make sense to me ........


    As it has been said here on many occasions ( and I recently found my self in it .........) great   BBQ  story's with out a Q-View ....never happened..( right ) SO.... That being said ..............IS there REALLY a Secret Sauce  .............?????

    I have learned a TON here , and Thank all the guys who shared their expertise    [​IMG]

    [​IMG]   NO RECIPE .............. Don't have one ........
  12. Lol some qview pics will be coming in about an hour and then the finished product tom night. Iv been fighting a cold or something today and it took me longer than expected to get everything ready for my rub. I even forgot to buy course ground black pepper so im hand grinding 8 tbsp. Doesnt sound like a lot but trust me its taking forever. Got the smoker seasoning again right now with hickory chunks and so far it looks like i lucked out with my standard issue thermometer. Now that Tiki called me out I have to post it. Cant have my cred questioned when Im new here.
  13. If you had Alton Brown's cordless drill pepper grinder, 8 TBS would take about 8 seconds!

  14. I would have loved that. I really need to watch his stuff again and make his gadgets.
  15. [​IMG]

    The butt. Got it on sale. luckily Im cooking it tomorrow. 7.68 lbs.



    The Rub


    Getting ready for the mustard massage


    Coated and waiting for the rub


    All Rubbed and getting wrapped


    All wrapped and heading to the fridge.
  16. michael ark

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    [​IMG]  Looks like a great start.
  17. bluebombersfan

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    Lookin good!!! 
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    Whats in Da rub.....??????
  19. raymo76

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    Looking good lookin good!

    HAHAH @ Chef JJ & Raptor for the posts about making him talk, made me laugh!
  20. Wow, that already looks good. I know your not supposed to eat raw pork.. buttt.. lol

    Good start, makes for a great finish...

    Happy Smokin'


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