First Smoke in 6 years I went for a Pork Butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by eriksp, May 16, 2011.

  1. I have a new GOSM just seasoned.

    I went to 4 stores yesterday looking for a pork butt. They all were picnic's. I finally found a store that had a 8lb butt without the bone. I took it.

    Came home last night and made Meowey's Rub but added 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1 Teaspoon Onion powder. I lathered with yellow mustard and applied the Rub. I put it in the fridge and took it out this morning.

    Pre Heated my Smoker and added Apple Chunks. There was only one other time in my life I tried another wood other then Apple and that was my first smoke with Mequite.. Lets just say never again did I want to mess up my meat with that strong flavor. So ever since I used apple.

    After reading alot I'm going to venture into new woods just not today :) I almost went for Hickory.

    Ok Pictures to come

    Right now I'm getting familiar with adjustments. I have a probe in the butt and in the smoker. I use the Maverick ET-73

    Doors closed at 9:30am this morning. First 1/2 hour it went from 220-240. Now I'm tuning it. I know from my reading the sticky I should stay between 225-240, So is it ok it swings between that or is there really a sweet spot? I can't imagine any smoker can hold one number other then a electric smoker.
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  2. sqwib

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    Sounds good so far, You can use picnic for PP
  3. Yeah I just wasn't sure because I see everyone suggests the butt rather then the picnic. I have a picnic defrosting for my next smoke tommorow.

    Question with wood chunks:

    I have always used wood chips until I found this forum. So I placed 2 nice chunks in the iron box when I started the smoke at 9:30 I have been watching my temps and they stayed at 233 for over 1/2 hour so I said something is going on. Either the flam went out or smoke stopped.'

    No smoke,and smelled vent and around door and smelled now wood. Opened the lid of the wood box and saw the 2 black chunks and they looked like coal only one had a tiny edge smoking. Is this what wood chunks look like when they are finished/spent?

    I put 1 nice new chunk in.
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  4. Boy that sounds good. Regarding wood chips i bought a wood chipper and Chip my own wood. I love the apple wood on pork but then again i love all the others also. I could never be a judge as my favorite is what ever is on my plate at the time.
  5. Started at 9:30am

    12:50pm internal temp is 160

    I guess it went up fast because of the lack of bone?
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    looking forward to seeing the pics......good luck with your smoke
  7. Thanks

    Changed placement of probe in butt. Put it all the way in horizontally.  Now its reading 150 degrees which I think is more accurate. I had a feeling something was wrong
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    That's exactly what you want

  9. sqwib

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    The below photo shows the wood to the right that was on the bottom in the chip pan, completely spent and the one on the left that was on the top has a wee bit of smoke left in it... notice the reddish brown color in the center/right.

    The piece on the left could have stayed in a wee bit longer.
    No white ash.


    Here's how they were in the smoker box

  10. Thanks, that photo shows me everything I wanted to know!
  11.  Smoker temp is 231

    I foiled the meat at around 160-165 I had some issues with my thermometer placement. It's holding steady at 192.
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    Sounds like its' coming right along,

    Can't wait to see this!!  [​IMG]
  13. Well It was a long night

    I pulled it at 203 degrees. Brought it inside and let it rest for an hour. It was about 12am

    Now for the pictures





  14. smokinal

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    Excellent looking PP!
  15. beer-b-q

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    Looks great Erik...

    PS: You need to put your location in your profile...
  16. Ok I put my location in my profile.
  17. sqwib

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    Great job!
  18. [​IMG]   Awesome looking bark on that PP!! Great job!!

    But I have to did you ever last 6 years without a smoke??? You must've just come out of a coma is all I can think of !![​IMG]


    Matt in Moose Jaw[​IMG]
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    Looks delicious!!

  20. 6 years to long.

    I wish I knew about this forum then. I always thought if you didn't see the smoke , you weren't smoking. I mean the white smoke also. I didn't know about TBS. This forum is incredible.

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