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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by multijeep, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. multijeep

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    Hey guys. I just want to start off by introducing myself and give a little info. My name is travis, I've cooozed a good bit on your conventional grills and smokers (side box) etc, but I've had some cold smoked meat and have loved it since. I have a mini homestead and currently have 7 hogs. That number will decrease this winter. :) I have tried searching around and have found some great info, but wanted to post my build here and ask some questions since you guys have all the expertise.

    I started building my smokehouse on an industrial pallet (free and stout), covered the floor with composite Decking, and have framed it up. It's 70" long, 40" wide and 6'2" tall, inside, without the roof added. I'm going to cover the exterior with ply, add a tin roof, and build a door...

    Now here's some questions I have so far...
    1. What's the best (economical) smoke generator for my setup?
    2. What should I use to cover the interior walls, or is just ply okay?
    3. Can someone guide me in the right direction on where to install a chimney, vent, etc? I thought about sealing the top square with ply and piping a chimney into the dead space under the tin roof?

    Any info is greatly appreciated! I look forward to hanging a hog and some venison!
  2. multijeep

    multijeep Newbie

    FYI I would also like to have the option to hot smoke. Don't want to limit myself but cold smoking is the first priority. Also thought about using a small Woodstove and piping it in from 20+ft
  3. brooksy

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    Don't have any info to offer but am interested in the build. I'm sure someone will come along and help you out.
  4. daveomak

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    For exhaust vents...... place them in the side walls, just under the eaves.... Use forced air furnace, "floor vents" that are adjustable.... Placing the vents in the side walls, keeps condensate from dripping inside the smoker.. and possibly on the meat...
    I would have a fan inside the smoker to dry the meat before smoking and move the excess moisture out the vents... moisture is not your friend when smoking.. maybe even a small electric heater to warm stuff up and keep condensate from forming on the walls... especially during the winter...
    For a smoke generator, Todd Johnson is a member here and has designed a few... they are excellent generators... For a smoker that big, I would recommend 2 of his Tube Smokers.... the 18" long ones...
    He has the best wood pellets on the market.... Pure species pellets and mixed species pellets Pitmasters Choice... I use PC pellets and hickory, depending on the meat or cheese.... I understand Peach Pellets are great for cheese...

    Todd has sales on his stuff several times a year.... watch for them....

  5. multijeep

    multijeep Newbie

    Thanks for the tips and info!!
  6. jckdanls 07

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    welcome to the forums.. my first suggestion would be to do something different with the composite flooring... especially if your gonna hot smoke... not so sure that stuff will do with heat... my SH is all plywood (inside and out) ... as for heat in something of that size... thinking it will have to be gas or wood...

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