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  1. After buying a MES 30" as a birthday present for myself last month (and after seasoning it), I finally got around to doing my first smoke this past Sunday.  Not wanting to break the bank, with this being my first attempt, I kept it simple with 4 chicken leg quarters and 2 half chickens.

    Chicken went into the brine and into the fridge (covered), and I went out for a ride on my Harley with the gf:

    After an enjoyable 6 hours was had by all, the chicken said it was ready, and came out of the brine for some nice dry rub under the skin:

    And then into the MES:

    After a few hours, and a couple loads of some mesquite and apple chips, the 240 degrees had brought the chicken to an internal temp of 170, and I took it out:

    The gf and I sampled one of the quarters, and I wrapped up the rest and put them right in the fridge.  My condo now smells amazing, my gf loves that I "smell like campfire", and the chicken was pretty darn good, too [​IMG]  Been working on finishing up the other quarters and the chicken halves over the rest of this week.  Can't wait to figure out what to do for my second attempt, although I'm leaning towards pork.
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    Hello , Smokin , glad you joined us. Your Chicken looks happy and flavorful , the way they wanted to be [​IMG].

    The rest in the fridge will make them better the next day [​IMG]

    Happy smoking , and . . .
  3. Looks very tasty.  You are now hooked and their is no going back. I'd say get a small butt and throw it in till you get 200°-205°. Keep track of what your doing so you will know what to tweak for the next round.

    Happy smoken.

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    I couldn't have said it better myself.[​IMG]  
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    You did a Great Job, Smokin!!![​IMG]

    That Chicken looks Mighty Tasty.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Below is a link to my Step by Steps, if you're interested.


    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

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  6. Thanks, Bear!  I'll have to check out some of those recipes/Steps.
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    Good looking chicken. I also think you can't go wrong with pork for your next smoke. I look forward to the post.

  8. Great job,  looks super   love smoked chicken

  9. Nice looking bird.

    Butts are quite forgiving and I have never had a bad one off my smoker. As mentioned before, take it to around 205* and you'll be good.

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