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Discussion in 'Beef' started by roharris33, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. I discovered some corned beef for sale at my local grocery store. I've been wanting to try making some pastrami for a while now. I picked up a couple of flat cut briskets about 4.5 pounds each. Soaked in water for 5 hours. I used the rub from They've been sitting in the fridge for a couple of days now. I plan on smoking them Saturday. More Qview coming Saturday.

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    good sales here even after St. Paddys Day they are still $4 a pound....Willie
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    Just to clarify, the briskets were "CORNED BEEF" right? I know that sounds like a stupid question but you didn't say. Secondly, be careful before adding any additional salt. Even after soaking, those pre corned briskets can be brutally salty. I'd do a fry test before smoking just to make sure.
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    I had that same issue, and when I asked the meat monger about sales I was told we sell too many during the year well just freeze them for later.
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    now that's a gross practice.....I'd be pissed to find out some meat I bought thinking fresh had been frozen. And, I believe I read somewhere CB is not good to freeze. From the eHow site:
    Corned beef is is a chunk of beef that has been treated by rubbing salt into it. The salt in the beef promotes rancidity and changes the texture of the meat, which can make it difficult to store for long periods of time. Without taking the proper steps, corned beef will be ruined when put in a freezer

    Read more:
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    I did that same recipe from with a store bought cornerd beef and I was worried about the saltiness.  Wisely, the pastrami rub recipe has no salt at all in it so the salt content was perfect for my liking.
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    I agree, and since they told me that I have stopped all purchases of meat from them. If your in the St. Louis area it is Shop N Save that I was told this by.
  9. Sorry, yeah it's corned beef. Hopefully after 5 hours soaking it won't be too salty. I've been hearing good things about the recipe I'm using. How long do you guys let it sit in the fridge after smoking?

    The sale wasn't that great $3.20/lb.
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    I'm in for this. I love pastrami and can't wait for the finished pictures.

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    I let it sit for two days and then steamed it as per the directions on the website... It was probably the best thing I ever cooked... Can't wait to see your results
  12. Glad I read this thread. Bought several CB points for $1.99/# after St. P day. Started soaking one today but thought about freezing 3 others. Now I think I'll crock pot one of the others and pastrami the other two. Thx Chef.
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    I just let mine go overnight in the fridge after smoking
  14. Well I took them out of the fridge added a bit of extra rub to them. They've been on the smoker for about 4 hours now. Everything is looking good so far.

  15. Just saw this - I'm in.

  16. So I tossed in the fridge overnight and steamed Sunday morning. Excellent flavor but too much salt. We just bought a fridge for the garage so I'll probably make my own corned beef now to control the salt. Other than the salt it was excellent.

  17. Looks good man!  You said you soaked it for 5 hours - did you change the water a few times or add any potatoes to help absorb the extra salt?
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  18. I changed the water twice and used 3 medium sized potatoes.
  19. That must have been quite the amount of salt in it then... Yeah if you cure your own you can control the salt level  [​IMG]
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    I have used Deb's Pastrami from this forum for making pastrami from scratch and it  has a nice salt balance IMHO.


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