First run with Todd's pellet maze

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chadinclw, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Injected and rubbed four pork butts last night. This AM I lit off the pellet maze with oak. I'm using my MES 40 so pulled the chip loader and opened the chip pan about 1 /12 inches as recommended in the FAQs.

    Set the temp for 235 and time for 12 hours (I'll be home before then).

    We'll see how this unattended run goes!

    No pics because, 1. it was early, 2. I think everyone has seen pork butts covered in rub, 3. everyone has seen the inside of an MES 40 with Todd's pellet smoker, and 4. I've been doing this que thing and forums for over 10 are not high on the list of things to do before work. [​IMG]
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    Hope Hugh Hefner doesn't read this and say ,
    "You seen butts before so no more pictures in playboy anymore "
    Oh, I forgot i only read it for the articles :biggrin:
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  4. Perhaps q-view of the finished butts? LOL
  5. Maybe, maybe not. I'm pulling three for a "contract" and the other goes in our freezer.

    I might have fresh batteries in the camera. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Oh yeah just kidding!!
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  9. Sad, isn't it. [​IMG]

    Too bad, no pics. However, the butts were beautiful thanks to many long hours in the MES 40 at 235 AND the AMPS with oak pellets. Lovely bark - sorry you aren't going to be able to see it! [​IMG]

    I do miss my big stickburner. It is a lot quicker, but being able to cook while at work is quite nice.

    Upon edit, I now have a couple of pictures. Nothing fancy, just two of the four pork butts unwrapped. They along with the other two are resting in a dry Igloo cooler for an hour or so before I pull and bag up the que. Todd's maze worked perfectly, as advertised. I have no idea how long the pellets burned since I didn't get home until 6 PM or so, about 11 hours. However, I am very pleased with the color and texture of the bark. I used the oak pellets from Todd. I started cooking years ago with oak and still use it as my primary heat in the Kingfisher stick burner.


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    Looks delicious!

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