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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokinfam, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. smokinfam

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    I am going to try a roast for the first time next Monday. I haven't smoked beef yet. I have a GOSM. Here are some questions:
    1. What wood works best? Mesquite?
    2. What roast cut works well. I have seen that some use chuck roast and that seems to turn out good.
    3. Usually when we cook roast in a crockpot, it takes all day. Can I expect the roast will take equally as much time or less?
    4. If I smoke potatoes, should I wrap them in foil?
    5. I was planning on spraying with apple juice throughout the smoke. Is this a good choice?
    6. I am wanting to make sure that the roast turns out tender, so is there any thing I can do to help keep the meat moist and tender?

  2. richtee

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    1. Do you and the family like mesquite? I find it too strong. I like my apple, cherry maple and hickory, sometimes mixed. Your prefs here.

    2. Iffin' a brisket can be made right, ANY other cut can be too...heh. I did a rolled a while back..plugged the center with pork fat. and garlic. AWESOME!

    3. Cook to temp, not time. 1.5 Hrs./Lb is an estimate that the right figger for beef?

    4. Dunno, never done 'em...but nothing smokes in foil.

    5. Beef? Well, most use that for pork, but if you are a sweet fan...why not? I use cider vinegar, bourbon, and mustard powder sometimes with onion powder for my mops. NOT a sweet fan.

    6.Foil at what, folks? not sure...150ish? Or remove to oven covered around there and set at 250. You wanna pull or slice it? Look in the beef thread for accurate info...I'm drawing a blank.
  3. walking dude

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    on roasts.......what i have seen here........cook to the temp you want.......
    med rare
    med well
    and shoe leather........don't laugh, cousing.....may he rest in piece......his wife wouldn't eat beef unless you could resole shoes with it....

    there are several threads here on it........go to top of page.....hit search....and type in roast.......or even the cut of meat you plan on using.....several threads on chuck roast.........

    while you are in search........type in baked potatoes.......even twice baked smoked potatoes......or smoked potatoes......good thread yesterday.......on twice baked smoked potatoes........

    but rich is right......NOTHING in foil........can be smoked...........smoke can't reach the meat or spud, if its sealed up tite in foil

  4. greazy

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    I have cooked roasts in both the ECB and in a Camp Chef Smoke vault. I season w Adams Fajita Seasoning (it contains tenderizer) the night before and let it smoke for an hour or two at around 225 or so in the morning. Then I wrap it in foil and let it cook at around 180-200 until supper.

    I like mesquite. I keep trying other woods, but always come back to good ol' mesquite.

    Be advised. This is the same way I cook brisket, but roasts can't be made to taste like brisket...they taste like roasts.

    I have recently begun doing roasts on my gas grill and I prefer the taste of those done this way.
  5. smoke freak

    smoke freak StickBurners

    I cook chuck roasts cause they are fatty enuf to stay juicy n tender.

    Choice of wood is up to you, beef is a big flavor so it can handle a big smoke flavor. mesquite would be ok if that is what you got around.

    I smoke at 220. when meat reaches 140-160 internal I wrap in foil and put in 250 degree oven till 190 internal for slicing or 205 for shredding. I usually shred chuck cause there will probably be some junk in there you dont want on your plate. Then let it rest in cooler under towels or something for as long as you can stand it.

    I dont spray beef or add any juice to the foil. Doesnt seem to need it.

    Good luck. Let us here how it turns out.

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