FIRST rack of baby backs tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by keystonesmoke13, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Tomorrow I will be smoking my first rack of baby back ribs. I got them in the fridge marinating
    With a basic sweet rub. I've been reading a lot of helpful posts about the 2-2-1 method so I'll be trying that. Just to check, 2 hours unwrapped, 2 wrapped (with honey, brown sugar, and butter) then last hour unwrapped rubbed lightly with bbq sauce. ill be using oak wood and hickory chips. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly
    Appreciated! :)
  2. foamheart

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    Be careful with the oak and hickory. I am assuming from you flavor profile that a hard smoke might not be your first chose. I would remember not to get too heavy handed with the smoke.

    Check your ribs when you take them out the foil for the last hours cook, They should be near done at that point. the last nekkid hour is to firm up the meat and allow a bit of crystallization and evaporation. Don't stand firm on that 1 hour, its up to you.

    Last suggestion, try and keep the door closed. They cook better and faster without worrying about peeping toms.

    No matter what happens don't panic, its all about patience. You have a question, someone is always around.

    Have fun, have fun, and enjoy the smoke.
  3. chef jimmyj

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    If very sweet ribs is to your liking your plan will certainly get you there. If you started with a Sweet Rub and will be using a Sweet BBQ Sauce during the last hour and at the table, you may want to Foil with just some Apple Cider or Juice. You can go with sweet and additional flavor with my Foiling Juice. I developed it because the whole Honey, Brown Sugar, Butter was just way too sweet for mine and my families taste. The last hour is to firm up the meat, let you play with the final flavor profile and give the ribs a pretty shine. I suggest trying the bend test at 30 minutes to see if they are tender and continue if needed. Pick the ribs up from one end with tongs reaching to about half way. If the rest of the rack bends to a 90 degree angle and the surface meat splits and tears they are done. Of course if you want Fall Off the Bone, keep cooking until you get there...JJ
  4. tonybel

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    Sounds like a good plan. But I would use very little oak and hickory for your ribs unless you want a strong smoke flavor. Try to get cherry or apple for smoke flavor. Regardless of what you decide lets is know how it goes..
  5. Best of luck.  Hope you have a great smoke.
  6. You could add some apple juice to the  honey, brown sugar and butter. I also add Tiger sauce, pickapeppa or even Heinz 57 if you don't have the other two. . Otherwise you are on the right track to making some awesome ribs....[​IMG]
  7. Thanks everyone for the tips and recommendations! I got the fire started now found some apple chips got the ribs out waiting to get room temperature. Feeling excited!
  8. foamheart

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    You've got that gleam in your eye....... I think you've got the addiction without ever putting the meat on. Congratulations!
  9. Oh iI'm addicted alright! Lol rain or shine I ain't scared! Temp steady at 225. Thirty minutes in I feel like a kid on Christmas.
  10. 2 hours in, got the tiger sauce, brown sugar, apple juice, and butter in the wrap. This is looking DELICIOUS!
  11. foamheart

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    I can smell it, and your bride is a lucky woman to have a husband that can smoke like that!

    Keep an eye peeled out for neighbors approaching bearing gifts.

  12. Home stretch!

  13. final product :) the taste was a perfect mixture of sweetness with a mildly spice aftertaste. The only negative was that the meat was tough. Rain all but smothered my pit. I covered the best I could but the temp was up and down. I'm guessing if I can keep it steady at 225 to 250, 5 hours 2-2-1 then it should be more tender?

    Other than that the taste was great, the tiger sauce is a really good sauce if it wasn't for SMF I would have never been able. Thanks for the tips and tuning in!
  14. foamheart

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    How was the meat after you removed the foil? When it comes out the foil test it, its should be tender at that point. The last hours if for the meat to firm up while it caramelizes and evaporates. Always check when it comes out the foil. 3 2 1 or 2 2 1 or any posted times require you as the pit-boss to make the command decisions. The times are just guidelines. The bend break method is the guaranteed way to know, but you can come pretty dang close looking and knowing your pit.

    Also you just never know, no two piggies are ever exactly the same. I cooked a large prime rib roast roast one time. Came out perfect, beautiful medium rare just like I wanted. Smelled wonderful, sat down to eat and it was so tuff I threw it in the trash totally frustrated.

    Don't forget your notes so next time you can research and see what you are going to do, and what you want to try different. Here is some you might like to look at, or write your own and use as a guideline.

    But wasn't it a beautiful smoking day even with the rain? I thought so too.
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  15. The meat was definitely tough and not bending much coming out of the wrap.
    Heck maybe I got a little too anxious and excited about tasting it
    That I forgot about that thing called PATIENCE you fine people mentioned above
    The key ingredient. Either way I now know what to improve on next time. And definitely
    A better day smoking even though full of rain lol
  16. foamheart

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    So what we cooking next week?
  17. Next weekend will be a 7 lb brisket! Now that I know will be tender.
  18. foamheart

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    You might try a pork butt first, it will help with long term smoking pit & patience assessment and is much more forgiving that a brisket. Pulled pork with great bark on a warmed bun with some thin sauce..... Oh my!

    'Course it might also depend upon the local meat sales too.....LOL

    Looking forward to watching your achievements
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  19. Lol I hear ya on the meat sales. Ive actually done a few briskets though. I posted my first one on SMF last week I believe.
    I do want to do a shoulder or butt soon, pulled pork is calling my name.

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