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  1. So a few weeks ago I smoked a 6.25# brisket for the first time. Turned out so good that the four of us finished the whole thing in one sitting. After the success of the brisket, I decided to do some PP for a first. Bought 14# of shoulder from Costco. Got them rubbed down early Friday, and got them on my Kamado Joe around midnight. I've been on a learning curve with this smoker but I've finally gotten the hang of the vent control. I'm going to try to get some pics up of the progress.

    On the sauce side, made a huge batch of my homemade sauce. It has decent heat, but also decent sweetness to it. Heat doesn't linger either.
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    It sounds like a great start, how's it coming along?

  3. Before they went on at 12:00 am Saturday morning.

    Before I foiled.

    One shoulder pulled, ready for sandwiches.

    They were done around 10:30, pulled the first one around 1:00. Six of us put down the first one by ourselves. We ate again Saturday night, had about 6-8 more people come eat. I pulled the second one around 7:00 and would be safe to say it tasted better than the first one. Only had about a half of a gallon ziplock bag left out of all 14# of meat. I'd say it was a success.
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    Very nice. Looks delicious.
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    Nice job on that PP! Looks awesome, Keep up the good work.


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