First Pork Shoulder Smoke

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  1. I got a Masterbuilt propane smoker for Christmas this year and was finally able to get my first smoking session in superbowl weekend.  Work has been super busy the last couple of weeks so I was finally able to get some pictures up on the smoke.  Overall it turned it great and the family really loved some PP sandwiches during the big game.

    Started off with a smaller picnic cut of pork shoulder that I got from my father in laws freezer.  He bought a half hog last year and happened to have this still so he was happy to donate.  I started out by rubbing the shoulder with some yellow mustard and working in a healthy amount of Myron Mixon's Pork rub recipe.

    Got the smoker fired up to around 225 and threw in a couple of Peach Chunks.  I added a couple more chunks as needed for the majority of the smoke.  Had a little difficulty maintaining a real consistent temperature, but I was able to keep it between 220-240 pretty much the entire time.  I had to use a piece of plywood as a wind block so the flame wouldn't blow out.  Weather was about 40 degrees with overcast and a descent wind.  My smoker is still basically stock with the only mod being that I replaced the factory hose with a King Kooker with adjustable regulator for a little more flame control after reading issues with the factory chip pan and flare ups.  I also threw an 8" cast iron skillet on the factory chip pan and didn't seem to have any problems.

    Once the internal temperature got to 165, I pulled the pork out and poured about a quart or so of apple juice and covered the pan with tin foil.  I put it back in the smoker with heat only to finish off the cook.  When the internal temperature got to around 185 or so the wonderful Colorado weather kicked up and a pretty good snow storm rolled in, so I brought it in the house and put it in the oven to finish it off and called it quits when it got to 200 degrees.

    Overall it took around 7 hours from start to finish.  I smoked the pork on Saturday and then we warmed it up and pulled it on Sunday for the sandwiches.  Turned out really good and got two thumbs from the family.  Here are some pictures of the finished product.  Enjoy!

    Thanks for looking!
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    Looks good. When I was using an ECB smoker I would always resort to finishing in the oven (and nobody could ever tell the difference)

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