First Pork Loin... Looking for some input.

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  1. My neighbor was at the store the other day and he picked me upa 10 pound pork loin.  They were on sale for 1.88 per pound.  And he knows how much I like to use my smoker.  The only catch he said is I had to share it with him, lol.

    Anyways, I have never smoked a pork loin before.  I got a rub Im planning on using and all that.  My questions are,  Should I trim the fat off of it or not?  At what temp should I smoke it?  And what should the internal temp be when I pull it out of the smoker? 

    And yes, There will be a Q-view about this.  Thanks guy for the help.
  2. timleo

    timleo Smoke Blower

    I leave the fat on top, most of it will render off. 

    I take it to 160 to 165 for slicing, depending on how long it takes to get up to temp.  If the cook is taking a long time I'll stop at 160, it it cooks quickly I'll stop at 165.
  3. realtorterry

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    Pork is very lean. I would defiantly leave the fat on & maybe even add some bacon on top for add moisture. I personally take mine off at 145. Wrap it up & let it rest.  It will coast up a few more degrees. I've made a few this way & they're always great. You could even cut them small & stuff them with all kinds of delicious stuff!!
  4. Im planning on cutting it half and doing just half of it first just to make sure I get it right.  Do you guys foil it or not?
  5. scarbelly

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    The last one I did, I foiled at 150 then into some towels and into the cooler for an hour 
  6.  For sure don't cook it past 150. Pork loin is very lean and will dry out fast past this temp. Cook fat side up.

    If you were doing shoulder 160 or 165 would be okay for slicing and 195 to 205 for pulling because there is ample internal fat.

     Smoke it at 220 to 250. 

  7. From the info so far, this is what Im thinking then.

    Smoke at 220 to 250.  Bring IT to 145 to 150.  Wrap in foil.  Wrap in towel.  Then into cooler for an hour. 
  8. realtorterry

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    You forgot to add Q-VIEW!!

    Either way you won't be dissapointed!!
  9. flash

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    More to my taste. No reason to take pork pass 160*. I prefer 140*, then wrap in foil for 45 minutes. Leave a little pink in there.
  10. chef jimmyj

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     I think this is a Good plan...I pull at 140*F for my family because I like a little Pink in lean Pork...But I go to 150*F if for Mom (84) or Older Guests. They want Juicy but still feel Pink pork is Not Cooked! You may check with your neighbor, you want him to keep bringing Free Meat...JJ
  11. Lol,  I never thought about asking my neighbor.  I figured 145 was a happy medium and I can always adjust the next one for better liking.  I appreciated all the help and input guys. 

    And dont worry,  There will be Q view. 
  12. I've actually done a Porchetta style port loin - I slice it a third from the tob (almost all the way through) and then from there slice it at the other third almost all the way through so that it opens like a tri-fold pamphlet.  From there I had minced garlic, whole fresh basil leaves, bacon slices and salt and pepper.  I folded it back up and tied with some string and rubbed it with more S&P.  I smoked it around 200 for 5 hrs and it came out awesome! Lots of smoke flavour, but nothing overpowering - it's great for those days you want to smoke, but don't want to deal with the heavy smoke flavours from chipotle, chili powder etc.   Sliced thin it when cool makes it great sandwich meat as well!

    I decided to do it this way, as it's really hard to stop Pork loin from drying out on the smoker.
  13. jckdanls 07

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    BRINE... For me I always brine Loins and Tenderloins... 150` IT @ 225`
  14. I want to try a side by side; brine vs....umm....non-brined, and taste the difference.  Anybody ever done that?
  15. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Personally I put Loins on the smoker, but it is a waste of time for a Tenderloin. Pop it on a hot grill till 135 or 140  and wrap in foil for a rest. It is already tender enough. No need for brining either since they are already in a salt marinade or atleast the ones I buy are.
  16. Been wanting to try one of these loins for a while. They are very cheap and very tempting. Looking forward to your Q-View
  17. jarjarchef

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    Don't trim fat. Cook at 250 to 145IT and let rest for 30-45 min before slicing.
  18. jwbtulsa

    jwbtulsa Meat Mopper

    That's what I do. I inject mine with Pure Pork Power sometimes, especially if it shows less than desired amount of fat.

    You could always filet it out, smear with your stuff of choice, and turn it into a fatty. Here is a shot of one of my first ones after soaking in some of the knowledge of SMF.

    I used the crappiest, cheapest bacon i could find as I wanted it for the fat. It turned out so delicious that I stood at the counter and ate half of it as I prepped the loin. Leftovers went into soft tacos the next day. The juice and steam you see was AFTER 1.5 hours in the cooler. You will love it.

  19. pigiron

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    Woah I am picking up some great tips today, thanks for posting guys!
  20. davidhef88

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    I stuff em' [​IMG]
    Butter fly it open stuff it tie it back up espically tight on the ends. Smoke at 225* to an it of 145*. Tent it with foil for a half hour and then slice and serve.
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