First pork butts over the weekend

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mikeserve, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. I smoked my first pork butts this weekend for my birthday party on Saturday. Sorry, no QVIEW [​IMG]. I smoked one of them on Friday since I had the day off, and I didn't want to risk smoking them both on Saturday and experiment on my guests. I trimmed a little of the fat off, and rubbed the butt with Jeff's rib rub right before putting it onto the smoker. I let it smoke at about 250 degrees until it hit 160 and then foiled and put it in the oven set at 275 until it hit 200 degrees. I let it rest awhile, and then pulled. It tasted great! I made up a batch of the finishing sauce that's at the top of this forum and had a couple people try it. They were all really impressed.

    I smoked the other one the next day using the same process. I did notice that this butt had a lot less fat than the one I made on Friday. I put the meat from the day before in the smoker covered in foil while the other one came up to temperature. I then mixed the two together and added some more finishing sauce. After everyone got done eating, I only had enough for 1 more sandwich the next day. I think I'll have to make a couple more this weekend since I'm on call and can't do anything fun. I'll definitely have to take some pictures then.
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    Sounds like the butts turned out well. Looking forward to seeing the qview from your next smoke.
  3. Your smoke sounds like it turned out great. I am looking forward to the next one and qview. Some of the folks here might tell you, No qview, didn't happen.
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    Did you try a piece before you mixed the two together? Was is noticeably drier?
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    Only 1 sammies worth left? Well everyone must have enjoyed it.
    Congrats on the success, are you confident enough now that you would just do them both on the same day?

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