First Pork Butt using Jeff's rub with Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by hangin1, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. hangin1

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    Well me and a friend of mine decided to smoke up a couple pork butts tomorrow so figured I would share some pics of the one I will be doing. I am using Jeff's rub for the first time since it is very popular amongst the forum members and well talked about. Here is a pic of the pork butt after the rub has been applied.

    I think its looking great it will be going on the smoker around 3 this morning and I will post more pics of it during the cooking process, wish me luck and hope all are having a great weekend!
  2. good luck!

    look forward to seeing more as the smoke progresses!
  3. hangin1

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    Well I am using a Kamado Joe smoker with a little pecan and apple wood with some henry lump coal to start off the fire. The smoker is rocking at around 250 and the two 8 lb butts have been put on the smoker to cook. My friend is using a myron mixon rub on his pork butt and I went with Jeff's rub for mine and we plan on having a taste test after they are both done to compare the two rubs. Hope all are having a great weekend and I am kinda excited to see the finished product. We be eating good tonight, we gonna have some pulled pork, homemade cole slaw, loaded baked potato salad, homemade green beans with bacon and the wife is making some peanut butter and chocolate cake balls for desert!

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    How do you like your Kamado Joe?
  5. hangin1

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    I do not really have anything to  compare it to as it is my first ever smoker but my friend has one and he has had a few other types of smokers over the years and he says its the best smoker he has ever used, I guess other than my friend recommending it to me, I liked the fact that I was able to cook steaks and other meats fairly easy on it. I have only used it a couple of times and they are a little on the expensive side imo but I do feel they are worth the money if its something you will use alot, they do a great job of keeping temperature imo.

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