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  1. Hello everyone, first post. This is a great forum, I have been reading for weeks at this point. I am planning my first overnight smoke of two bone in butts around 8 pounds each. I will be using my propane masterbuilt xl with a mixture of mostly cherry and a little mesquite.

    The two butts will be for a party for my dad Sunday late morning on the weekend of 6/28. The problem is next weekend we will be attending another party on Saturday, leaving not enough time to complete the smoke that weekend. I also work all week really leaving me this weekend to complete the smoke. My plan is to start the smoke Saturday evening around 10 pm at 240 degrees and finish sometime Sunday, pull and then storing the meat for a week with my food saver. I will also be making some baked beans from this forum at the same time and a small collection of sauces also found from here.

    My questions are as follows

    1. Should I just refrigerate the meat for a week or freeze it for a week then thaugh?
    2. I plan to reheat the meat via the smoker the morning of the party, should I use the finishing sauce when I pull the pork or after the meat is reheated?
    3. How many people does one batch of dutch's wicked baked beans actually serve?
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    I would freeze the meat and thaw it. Reheat adding finishing sauce just so it stays moist maybe reheat in crock pot would be easier. Serving size of side dishes range depending on how many sides aim around 4 oz per person with 3-4 choices around 6 oz per person 1-2 choices.
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  4. I brine my pork shoulders and i put them on the smoker for six hours in the 240-260 range and then i wrap them and bake them another 3 hours or until they hit right internal temperature. What if you smoked them the first six hours, freeze them, thaw them day before the party and finish in foil in the oven for three hours? I tend to pit the sauce on the side.
  5. Updating with some Q views

    Here are the two butts after a 24 hour sit in the fridge with some rub, then some mustard and additional rub and dried onion on top before placing in the smoker. This was 8 pm last night.

    Here is midnight (4 hours in) right before going to bed when I added some more cherry chunks.

    Here is the most recent pick of the larger of the two butts. The smaller and thinner butt was pulled around 5 am as it hit 175 and placed in the oven, the larger butt was just pulled at 8 am as it hit 170. They are both now foil wrapped in the oven at 240 degrees. The smaller butt is at 195, so not too much longer for it before it is pulled and rested.
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  6. And the money shot. Have it all vacu sealed in the fridge. Will place it in the freezer in a few hours. Saved a couple of cups of juices that I will de fat and use when reheating next weekend. That plus some finishing sauces should lead to plenty moist pulled pork next weekend.

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    Looks great!

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