First over night butts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by trk3263, May 24, 2015.

  1. trk3263

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    Well doing my first over night and smoking two butts at one (also a first). A little nervous because my last butt cooked a lot faster than expected but I think I have my GMG DB figured out better now. Got the hot sports and the temp which was a little higher than displayed figured out with an oven thermometer Andy recent purchase of a Thermopop instant read.

    Put it in the brine yesterday morning.

    Unfortunately wife bought the bone out butts from Costco so had to do the tiring myself. Thank goodness for YouTube.

    Also made some smoked baked beans today prior to the butts going on.

    Just put the butts on about 20 minutes ago so I will update as I go. Wish me luck. Gotta feed 35 tomorrow so hoping all goes well with this over night. .
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  2. mdboatbum

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    So sow's the smoke going? Getting close?
  3. trk3263

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    Going well just covered them at around 165. They smell great the picture I took stinks due to the morning sun.

    On another note at around 0230 hours my wife and I woke up to two cats fighting somewhere in our back yard. It seems the awesome smell attracted some neighbor cats.
  4. trk3263

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    Forgot to mention I am shooting for 225 degrees. Throughout the night I had to back it down to 215 and than 200 as my digital readout on the GMG states 200 but my internal (cheap) oven thermometer has fluctuated from 225-250.

    Is there a way to use my instead read thermo to get an accurate inside temp? I was thinking I could put a potato or even a bowl of water to measure it as soon as I open the lid?
  5. trk3263

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    It was just up to almost 300 degrees. I opened the lid for a couple minutes to drop it back down to 225 and turn the temp down to 150 degrees.
    On thing I hate is if you don't step the temperature setting up in incriminates it will raise the heat real fast and pass the point you want.
    Also thinking the tin foil pans I moved the meat into about an hour ago may be effecting the GMG internal temperature thermometer and may have cause the higher heat. Going to let it settle at 150 and the. Slowly step it up.

    One butt is almost done at about 184 and the other is still around 178.
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  6. Looking Good

  7. trk3263

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    Well the good news is my GMG internal thermometer is within about 3 degrees of my Thermopop Instant read. That makes me happy since that is the important part.
    I put a bowl of water inside the GMG so I can test the temp setting against the actual since the cheap oven thermometer is so far off from the digital read out.
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    Getting close, looking good so far!
  9. trk3263

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    Well when I rechecked the temps I was little off, I think due to the foil? Currently both are around 183 and holding.
  10. We will be waiting and watching

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    Perfect, looks great!

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