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Discussion in 'Pork' started by burnz, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. burnz

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    Well 2 families getting together for easter, no communication, both bought a ham. So they asked if I would smoke one, I'm still sort of new at this, I got the pulled pork down. I've never done a ham though.

    So all I know about the ham is that its a 8-9 pound ham, (I know thats not much to go on) I'm going to go get it tonight, and probably make a brine and get it soaking we're eating saturday night so that would put the brine time around 48 hours.

    Now from what I've read, make up a glaze and start putting that on around 150 and I should take it out at a temp around 160.

    luckily there's a second ham so if I botch this one its not a big deal, although I don't know how you can really screw up pork all that badly.

    So here's my question, is the cooking time for ham about the same as pork? roughly and hour per pound, when cooking at 230. I know they all kinda cook at their own rate but I have to try and time it so its done around dinner time, or a half hour to hour before so it can sit for a while.

    Here's what my brine will consist of

    brown sugar
    Maple syrup - the real stuff, not the fake crap
    fresh ground pepper

    and the glaze
    maple syrup
    brown sugar
    dark cyro syrup

    boil those into a syrup and take out before it gets to the candy point.

    Well there's my rough plan, If anyone wants to add some do's and dont's tips, I'm all ears. Let me know what you think

  2. forluvofsmoke

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    Hey BurnZ!

    The ham will probably take longer to smoke/cook to temp than a butt, due to it being more bulked-up (round), and more depth for the heat to penetrate to the center than a butt, which is more of a flat slab of meat. Also, it will depend if the ham is a shank/picnic/rump. I would figure it should take about 40-50% longer than a butt, pound-for-pound, to get it up to temp. Also, if it is pre-smoked versus fresh, you can pull it at a much lower temp.

  3. travcoman45

    travcoman45 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Save that glaze fer the last 30 minutes a the smoke at the earliest.

    Inject that ham cause a 48 hour soak ifin its a raw ham ain't much. Better yet, ifin ya can vac tha puppy in a bag it will help.

    Raw ham is smoked at lower temps, I do mine in the 150* range. Now ya can go hotter an it will still be a perty darn decent ham.

    Besure ta do a test fry ta check on the saltyness of it, cause ya may have ta soak it fer a couple hours changin out the water each 30 minutes.

    I'd smoke with Maple, apple er hickory dependin on how strong a smoke yall like.
  4. burnz

    burnz Newbie

    Thanks guys,

    I picked it up last night it was a pre-cooked and hickory smoked shank. And the plans changed a bit and I don't have as long as I thought to smoke it, so I might kick the temp up to 250 or so. Its 8 1/2 pounds. and they're giving me about 4-4 1/2 hours to cook it. (yeah I know, you can't rush a smoke and still have it be great, so i'm a little disappointed there) Do you guys think it would finish in that amount of time?

    The package said to cook it up to 140, can I just cook it up to that point and take it off or would you recommend getting it to 160?

    Well I made up the brine last night so its soaking right now, I also injected it. I had decided to go with a cherry flavor, so I'll smoke it with cherry chips, and the brine has a couple cans of cherry added to it. Thanks for the tips so far.
  5. bbq bubba

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    I'm wondering why are you brining an already cured ham???

    Get it out before it turns into a salt lick!

    I had posted a GREAT double smoked ham recipe but i think it got lost. [​IMG]
  6. burnz

    burnz Newbie

    well i'm probably brining it cause i don't quite know what i'm doing here. Thanks for the heads up though, I've go it out of the brine. hopefully those 12 hours won't mess it up too badly. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Good thing there was 2 hams!

    Is there any other sort of prep for this type of ham? or do I just rub it smoke it then glaze it

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