First gas smoker, Mastebuilt 40 xl

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by mrrice, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. After much reasearch and some recomendations from som forum members I bought the 40xl today at bass pro. It is preseasoning right now and I plan to break it in with a couple of young chickens tomorrow. I am new to smoking so any advice on mods or cooking is appreciated. Thanks.[​IMG]

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    Congrats on your new buy. Im not sure about that brand or if any mods are needed. A lot of people on here have bought one of the pellet or dust smoke products from A Maze N Products (sponsor link both above and below) You can use these to burn pellets vs the wood chips (which you have to refill the chip tray often through long smokes)  that your smoker probably uses. other than that... get some meat in there and try out the new bad boy. Just remember to take some pictures and ask some questions in the proper forum... someone will help :)
  3. Thanks I will
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  5. chicken tasted really good. skin was a little rubbery but delicious. smoked at 250 for an hour and then cranked it up to abouy 350 for another hour. everyone loved it and there was no leftovers, so, mission acomplished I guess.

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