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    I want you all to know that I tried my first fatties this past week, well one was a true fatty and the other was a hamburger fatty.. The one was sausage with pizza sauce,pepperoni,colby cheese, and some green peppers. the other was hamburger with chopped potatoe wedges, cut up chicken patty, and some coby cheese... They both turned out awesome.. SORRY I didn't post any pics!!! I only have dial up connecton here at home and would take 4ever to upload pics, I will try to post some next week from work.. I can say that these are the first of many FATTIES to come..
  2. coyote

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    sounds like they turned out great. and when they do...there is always more to come. glad you had fun with them..
  3. chef_boy812

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    welcome to the fattie revolution.
    can't wait to see them, what are you gonna name the one that is beef and chicken patty. That sounds crazy good. May I suggest the Your name with -ness added to it!

    To hadies with the vegitarians!
    oh sorry, it was the fattie talkin'
    they'll do that to ya, but of coarse to everyone else it just sounds like gas! lol.

    Be careful at work; I think this sight may be banned at the next network update.[​IMG]
    man, what am I gonna do all day at work, oh yah COOK!

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