First Fattie Attempts

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  1. Started with prep for my first fattie which was going to be 1lb mild italian susage, and thin sliced bacon weave. I decided to get creative and make 1/2 breakfast (browned hashbrowns, browned ground venison, cheddar and chopped dried onions), and the other half pizza style (pepperoni, mozarella, onion). Once I got to rolling it thought it may have been TOO fat
    It got to rest in the freezer for longer than the next one, which was a thick cut bourbon barrel bacon weave, regular breakfast sausage tube, pepperoni and cheddar. This time not as fat as the other which gave me a little more room to roll the sausage
    Preheated the MES30 to 250°F with a handful of Apple chips. Once hot I placed the fat one just above the water tray with apple juice on a little rack I found at Kroger, that once I cut off the handles fits nicely and has a much smaller cross pattern grate. Placed mav 733 probes into each fattie and set it for an IT of 165. The fat one showed an initial IT of 37°F and slim showed 68°F, so i figured there'd be a lag which ended up not being the case
    After an hour I threw in some Bushs Souther Pit BBQ beans topped with dark brown sugar. Over all they took 3hrs 10 minutes and when both hit 165 i turned off the MES and to my pleasnt surprise the bacon continued to brown on the racks in the cooling smoker while I waited for the oven to preheat to 375
    After 15 min resting in the MES
    After 15 min in the oven
    I was incredibly impressed with all three flavor combos, but the old lady (the only opinion that really counts) preferred the breakfast style.
    My plate
    Leftovers vac packed
    Over all a nice success for my 4th smoke. Ive been keeping meticulous notes for the future on all the smokes so far. I just didnt feel like making threads for them but heres a little bonus q-view of them,
    Venison neck roast
    The salmon filets
    A few ground venison burgers topped in XS Cheddar
    Also I wanted to use the AMNPS that I have but hadnt used yet with the mailbox mod. I was able to keep the MES off holding a 70°F temp with tons of smoke from one leg of the tray filled with hickory pellets. They were smaller chunks adding up to ~2lbs smoked for 3hrs and rested in the fridge overnight, then vacuum sealed

    I plan to let the chesse sit in the vac bags 2-3 weeks and try it, then if acceptable, taking it up for Thanksgiving snacks along with the turkey breasts I plan to smoke the Wednesday before turkey day. Thanks again to all who post on this site. It sure makes experimenting with the MES a LOT more comfortable. Cheers!
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    GM, I missed this post, nice looking grub sir ! [​IMG]
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    Looks like your having fun! Nice looking assortment of food!:drool
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    Great looking fatties and cheese. Points.

  5. Thanks yall. Yeah it has been good fun so far and I can see it quickly becoming a new hobby. I cant wait to try the cheese after the wait is over. Should be good to try the first batch Sunday.
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    I lost 90% of my cheese out of the ends on my first fattie attempt. Looks like you've done your homework [​IMG]

    Great post... [​IMG]

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